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This is my first year teaching the AP 10H Program.  I have been teaching the SUPA chem for 15 years now though.  Mr. Langella is the designed of this advanced chemistry academy and has mastered a timeline that allows us to complete all the necessary material on-time for the exams in May and June.  Mr. Langella will be mentoring me with the timeline which I have linked below.

Our class assignments may differ from Mr. Langella's, but the timeline will be almost identical.


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To get info on transferring the credit...GO TO SUPA CHEM info link above...then click on "ABOUT SUPA".  There is a link on that page for transferring credits.  Credits may be transferred at any point in time during your college career.  Any problems or questions...e-mail me.

Credits this year are $110 per credit x 8 credits for the course ($880).  You will register on-line. S.U. will bill you directly.  Follow instructions given in class.

Keep on top of your grades at www.mygradebook.com

Classword:  APSUPAChem0809

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