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Bus - Train crash in Argentina - VIDEO  9/16/11 Man Struck by Train at Mt. Kisco Station 9/18/2011

POOR pt. assessment video in California (uncx. prostitute at roadside) 12/2/2011

Teen Dies of Congenital Heart Condition While Playing Basketball -Article 12/2/2011
$10 Million negligence case award. CPR save article
Mystery Medic saves woman's life 4-14-10  
CO poisoning overcomes Salina, KS FD personnel 2-5-10 Psych Pt. Dies while restrained on stretcher 2-5-10
When Patient Assessment goes horribly wrong.  Man declared dead found alive 1-27-10 Automated CPR device saves man's life  1-27-10
Is our 911 dispatch up to snuff ... TODAY show report 1-7-10 Truck hits ambulance - video 1/8/10
KY EMT charged with manslaughter in ambulance accident. 10 years in prison 12-21/09 FDNY EMT's accused of refusing to help - Patient dies - breech of duty  12/09
W. Va. officers use CPR to Save Man 12-11-09 Trooper stops runaway vehicle and performs medical/trauma assesment. 12-23-09
"COPS" TV crew and  officer injured in crash Survive a cardiac arrest
Ambulance Driver Attacked by Patient Man and crew attacked by bees
Washington Firefighters check out burning odor, find pot smoker. Brian Bledsoe Article - NEW EMT CURRICULUM
Pediatric Drowning story