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EMT Class for the 2015 - 2016 academic year will be awarded six (6) FREE college credits from SUNY Dutchess Community College upon successful completion.

Only prerequisite is that you are 18 years of age by May 31,2016 along with recommendation of current science teacher and EMT instructor.

Assignments and Ambulance Ride Along Homework

Course Policies including clinical rotation information

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NYS EMT Curriculum

New NYS/National Standards

NYS BLS Protocols

MHS Class Schedule

Putnam County  EMT course schedule


Requirements for achieving NYS EMT certification

Practical Skills Exam

Skill sheets  You Must do Skill stations 1A, 1B, 2, 3, and one each (part A or B or C) from the "random" stations 4, 5, and 6

Irvington EMS NYS skill station videos These are fantastic videos of each skill station by veteran instructors!

(Part of Sager Splint station, Another sager video)

Video of stations (NOTE: These videos are close to NYS guidelines.  Follow the directions of your instructor!  These videos are linked to assist only in skill maintenance)

CME and Call Audits (under training tab) 1)Westchester Region

2) Hudson Valley Region


EMT Reciprocity application by state

CME Recertification Paperwork

I Lost my EMT card paperwork

Ambulance Clinical Rotation  Form

NYS_EMT/Ambulance Observer Application

Missed class makeup form NEWS Articles

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                      nysemt1516-7 for period 7 (Course # TBA)

Password = your MHS ID #


Instructor: M. Revenson EMT-P CIC 

Lab Instructors:  R. Cuomo EMT-P CIC, T. Lannon EMT-I CIC (Putnam County EMS coordinators), Laura Revenson, Ex-Capt. and NYS Sr. EMS Rep. Mike Linehan, Brandon Timmins, Captain Brian Smith, Lieutenant Christopher Langley EMT's Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department.

"Remember that EMS exams are based on your ability to think critically and not so much regurgitating memorized content. Many questions will ask you variations of the facts and how a patient presents in order to apply those facts."
Jim Hoffman

Required Textbook  Brady-Emergency Care 12th edition