Lab Equipment  handout

Lab Equipment Scavenger Hunt

Safety Contract
How to Write a Lab Report

Observations of an Unknown Substance
Measurements (BLB Lab 1)
Measurements Data Sheet

ID of an unknown Substance (BLB Lab 2)
ID of unknown Substance Data Sheet

Separation of a Mixture (BLB lab 3)

BP elevation - Colligative properties

Simple Distillation  

A Determination of Planck's Constant


Spectroscopy Data Sheet

Magnetic Properties of Matter - Paramagnetism

Bunsen Burner - Bunsen Flame Temperature

Shapes of Molecules

Charles' Law


Quantitative Deyermination of an Empirical Formula
Rates of Reaction         Rates of rxn Data Sheet

Molecular Mass (Weight) by Vapor Density - PV=nRT
PPT explanation of MW by Vapor Density

Electric Pickle - IONS

Lewis Models

Shapes of Molecules

Phet Nuclear

Mass Defect - Nuclear Binding Energy
Qualitative Analysis Lab:  Knowns and Unknowns