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watch Glassware Video

Lab Safety rap video

Safety Dance

Chemistry version of safety dance

Lab equipment Scavenger Hunt

Lab Equipment Practice Quiz on-line

Lab Safety Game

Basic Lab equipment


Glassware calibration and recognition Lab Cathode ray tube demo

Millikan Oil Drop experiment

Rutherford Gold foil expt

Lab 1 and 3 Separation Lab 
Observations - Scientific Method   
Spectral analysis of gaseous emissions lab Flame Test Lab
Magnetic Properties of Matter - filling order - LAB Spectral analysis of gaseous emissions lab
Shapes of Molecules LAB Properties of elements Lab
Virtual lab - vapor pressure Lab #2 ID of a substance by physical properties     Data sheet
Mole relationship reaction lab

Lab Sheet

Quantitative Determination of an Empirical Formula
MgO Synthesis  Lab sheet KClO3 Decomposition
Qualitative analysis