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  M3 (medic 3) is the Mahopac ALS Unit stationed at B+C repair shop (725 Rt. 6) just west of the FD.  

DIRECTIONS  Door on RIGHT as you look at the shop.

Ambulance Observer Appl.doc

clinical observation form

M4 (medic 4) is at Brester Fire department station 1 Corner or Rt 312 and North Brewster Rd.

Route 312, past Home Depot.  Just before Brewster HS .. right turn on North Brewster Rd.  FD is on the corner.

Ambulance Observer Appl.doc

clinical observation form

September 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Mahopac Falls PPT

Per 5 NYS# 270020
Per 7 NYS# 270021

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Bring in your SS# for SUNY DCC and NYS course registration.

Familiarize yourself with this web site and http://mygradebook.com

Course Schedule

HW: Have corse expectation sheet signed.  Complete Student Information Sheet , bring SS# for SUNY DCC application

 Requirements to obtain NYS EMT certification

DCC application process (Follow these steps - handut from class- to obtain your DCC "A number" student #.

Fill in and return DOH-65 (course application for NYS - Fillable pdf form)

FD Membership Verification form DOH 3312 pdf 


class notes: Begin Chap 1.  SUNY DCC registration.  NYS course registration DOH-65 , collect signed  expectation sheetStudent Information Sheet due tomorrow.


HW: Outline Chapter 1 in your class notebook.

Air Ambulance at car crash scene  In class video

class notes - collect  Student Information Sheet Chap 1 PPT slides #1-33: Levels of EMS (EMR, EMT,AEMT, paramedic), on-line medical control vs, off line standing orders, tiered response, PCR, QA/QI.

Register for on-line Text / HW.  click on link next to your class period. 

Per 5 EMT NYS Course # 270020  Brady/Limmer text course Revenson94282

Per 7 EMT class # 270021 Brady/Limmer text course Revenson60187

London Ambulance Service - a day in the life VIDEO (start at about 2 minutes in)

Story of the Star Of Life

Wanted Dead or Alive EMS Tribute VIDEO

another EMS tribute video 

What EMS is about Tribute video

Intro to EMS VIDEO - Do you have what it takes?

A view through a Paramedic's Eye VIDEO

A life in a day - Trauma reenactment VIDEO

EMT dedication VIDEO

Lifting and moving devices 

8 9
HW:  Outline Chapter 1 in notebook ... DUE TOMORROW.

Missed class makeup form  To be used when you miss a class for ANY reason.  Form due to me on second day back.  I will given you the assignment, you summarize on back of form or on attached sheet.

Class:  Finish Chap 1 PPT Intro to EMS

Class notes: Special need patients, Oxygen adn Glucose main foods), COPD, traits of a good EMT.

1) On line Chapter 1 HW due Thursday
(click on the hyperlink and it will bring you to the log in page)
Outline chapter 2 in notebook.

notes:  Review and finish chapter 1.  PPE, BSI.  Glove removal.  HEPA vs regular mask. 

WATCH ***Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture  Video

Randy Pausch INTERVIEW



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Tr0u35Tek AA Flight 11 call from flight attendant #3 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLW0jKKRXMo First 5 min TOWER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP51TrbyfsI FDNY Chief Orio Palmer



TEST Chapter 1+2 next week Monday.

Class Notes: Begin Chap 2 slides # 1-15.  Go over missed class form, well being of the EMT (Stress relief), CISD/CISM team, PPE gloves, mask, gown, hand washing, removal of gloves

Chap 2 PPT Scene Safety.  Well being of the EMT.

Fake ambulance pulled over by police (2010)

EMS Scene Safety Shooting VIDEO

Aurora Theater shooting

NEGLIGENCE? article 


class notes: HIV, Hepatitus A,B,C, Tuburculosis, PPE, PTSD acute vs cumulative.

HW: On line Chapter 2 HW due Monday (click on the hyperlink and it will bring you to the log in page)

Test Monday Chap 1+2

 WATCH ***Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture  Video

Randy Pausch INTERVIEW

crime scene computer recreation


class notes:  Stress cumulative vs acute, scene safety and BSI (PPE), Elizabeth Kuber Ross' 5 stages of grief (video below)

HW: On line Chapter 2 HW due Monday (click on the hyperlink and it will bring you to the log in page)

Test Monday Chap 1+2

Complete the following Google form on the 5 stages of grief (Video below)

5 stages of grief  (giraffe) Cartoon video explanation

Simpsons Homer experiences 5 stages of grief video

Lecture - Stages of Grief

Elizabeth Kubler Ross 5 stages of grief explanation

Randy Pausch INTERVIEW

Warren Zevon on David Letterman last interview

Warren Zevon passed away letterman obit

scene safety video EMS Scene Safety Shooting VIDEO

15 16
TEST Chap 1+2

 On line Chapter 2 HW due Today

Class Notes: Chapter 3 PPT lifting and moving devices, urgent vs. non-urgent moves.

1) Outline Chap 3 Due tomorrow (Tuesday)

2) On-Line chap 3 Due Wednesday

3) Outline AND on-line chap 4 due Thursday

TEST chap 3+4 Friday.

Outline chap 3 due.

Online chap 3 due tomorrow.

Finish Chapter 3 PPT.  Begin Chapter 4 PPT (McGraw Hill - MH)

Lifting and moving demo/practice

Stretcher fail video

Chap 4 outline and on-line due tomorrow.

class notes: Chapter 4 PPT (McGraw Hill - MH) to slide 29.  MOI vs NOI ... Car vs tree article

Chap 4 PPT

Chap 4 - Medical / Legal

Medical Legal FLASH CARDS review

Medical/Legal/ethical issues. definitions

Medical Legal lecture video

Termination of resuscitation ... when to say when article

NYS MOLST policy


MOLST Training

MOLST form

MOLST Videos

MOLST test AND Certificate    HW DUE Friday - print out certificate and bring to class   (or e-mail link sent to you). (Title = EMT ,  Organization = Mahopac HS EMT class, we are in Putnam County, professional role = Emergency Medical Service


Outline and On-line Chap 4 DUE TODAY


TEST chap 3+4

Meidcal Terminology LIST

Begin Chapter 5 PPT 13e Medical Terminology
22 23 24 25 23 27 28
29 30