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Forensic Web Sites of Interest

Students and Colleagues: OK ... I think I got everything updated.  Please let me know of any great sites you find to share, and of any dead links (sounds like extra credit to me).

NEWS ARTICLES of interest Click Title


Internship opportunities at the Westchester Forensics Lab Application in link as a pdf file Look up any inmate in the NYS Dept. of Corrections to see what their charge is.
GRISELMAN - A CSI Spoof  (QUICKTIME mov)    MUST SEE  THANKS Ashley for having it! Look up offenders living near you.


The CHICKEN Law and Order Law and Order Intro

Is it really like this????

Most likely like this though (Sesame Street)

Count the bullet casings (CSI Sesame Street)

Video of Dr. Sponsler's famous MENTOS experiment * 200 BREWSTER HS - MVA Drive safely!

SUPA Summer

2019 Summer CSI PPT

Dead Baby Hoax Fools FDNY - article

Dress Code Video



Southwest airlines CSI entry.  Protect the scene
Evidence Technology Magazine

 free to sign up - great articles and activities

Serial Killer OR Computer programmer Does a chicken float? video  Questions

GREAT  Selective attention test

Perception Video

perception video 2

Eyewitness Testimony evaluation

Student crime scene video 1

Student crime scene video (Ninja Massacre)

Dependent Lividity
VIDEO - Spiders on drugs Driving while on different drugs Youtube version

Don't text and drive video VW commercial in a cinema    Graphic don't text and drive video (NOT REAL)  Texter hits a school bus (video)

Bullet video Slowed down video
Police missing the Obvious - video Ball Girl Video The CHICKEN Law and Order
BP Spills Coffee VIDEO - Spiders on drugs Slow Down .... OR ... Stop
Guns in slow motion - video FOOTBALL COPS Crime Scene "Photo Shoot" parody
 Are you a psychopath?  "Flick the Switch" story and food for thought. (video) Australian Museum - Interactive Autopsy North County 3D Science Cafe
Dead Baby Hoax Fools FDNY -  Article  Hotel Window Problem - Not a civil issue - video   

Summer 2015 end PPT

2015 CSI Group 1

2015 CSI Group 2

Crime scene 2014 PPT

The Killing of Willy Wonka

2013 CSI Group 1

Brewster Man in Woods PPT
2012 Group 1 Pictures

2012 Group 2 Pictures

2012 Group 3 Pictures

2011 CSI Team A

2011 CSI Team B

2011 CSI Team C

2011 CSI Team D

2014 Team A pictures

2014 Team B pictures

2017 CSI Group 1

2017 CSI Group 2

2017 Teachers at work Anthropology with Dr. Bunch

2017 Summer Crime Scene


General Forensic interest sites

Onondaga County Center for Forensic Science

Dr. Henry Lee - Web site

Tom Mabe - Telemarketer prank call

Colleges offering a Forensic science major CAREERS in forensic science The Body Farm VIDEO (National Geographic Video)
Forensic chemistry Forensic Artist  
Legal Search Engine

Forensic Research Indigent Defense Services

Crime + Clues  
I Know I always say "THIS IS NOT CSI!" but here is a resouce from their site which is decent.  The CSI Handbook Look up any inmate in the NYS Dept. of Corrections to see what their charge is.  
The Smoking gun.com archive Fourth Amendment rights Professor L. Fuller - SUNY OSWEGO

Forensic Background information

History of forensic science (timeline) Zeno's Forensic site Reddy's Forensic Page
What is forensic Science - Web site Intro To Forensics- video

Bugs Bones & Botany The Science of Crime -video

National Institute for Forensic Science

Office of Justice programs


Crime Scene

2018 Summer CSI PPT
Mt Kisco CSI

Crime Scene evidence gathering techniques VIDEO

Techniques of crime scene processing - US Army - training VIDEO

Manner and Mode of death PPT

Dependent Lividity

US Dept of Justice Crime Scene Investigation procedures (pdf)

What a crime scene investigator needs


John Oliver explains Forensics in court and the CSI effect (Language alert!  May not be appropriate for the classroom)



Intro to processing



CS cleanup units



Real life FS.  Forensics on trial full video




body farm (full length video)



Processing a crime scene

Eyewitness basics PPT

Chain of custody label

Mahopac HS Cell Phone Chain of Custody

Does a chicken float? video  Questions

Perception Video

perception video 2

Eyewitness Testimony evaluation

GREAT Selective attention test  Perception Video  perception video 2

Eyewitness Testimony evaluation

The murder mystery game

Police missing the Obvious - video

Crime Scene "Photo Shoot" parody

Photos from actual crime scenes

Law and Order Intro

Is it really like this????

Most likely like this though

Count the bullet casings

Evidence collection record

Scene control sheet

Scene measurement sheet

Student Crime scene picturesJune 2008

6/10/08  Period 4            Period 6

6/11/08  period 4            period 6

Student crime scene measurement pictures 10/07

period 4           period 6

Student pictures '05

period 1       Period 8

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation Basic Crime Scene Photography Hazzards
Crime scene clean-up  You tube video

Store shooting clean up

What REAL CSI's do - You Tube (CSI Effect) Griselman - A CSI spoof movie.  A MUST SEE
Knot Analysis Admissibility under Daubert NJSP protocol book
Video - Knot tying Evidence Collection

collection and preservation of evidence links


per 1 6-1-06     per 8 6-1-06

per 1 6-5-06     per 8 6-5-06

VIDEO - HS Kids version of CSI with crime scene analysis UK "Crime Team" Scenarios with supplied clues and evidence
Brazoria County Sherriff's Office Click on left column for Crime Scene methods List of "Things that glow" under black light (UV light) How to make fake blood.  "Stage blood" RECIPE

Crime Scene Video

WTC debris at Fresh Kills Landfill video Carlie Brucia Abduction    video Children's Bodies found along Interstate 80.  Article with embedded video.
Federal Air Marshalls shoot and kill passenger at Miami Dade Airport.  Embedded video on air marshal training   GRISELMAN - CSI Video


Alphonse Bertillion Bio Bertillion System + Diagrams

STORY + pictures (separate site)

NYS dept if ID fingerprints
Anthropometry illustrations PPT Forensic Anthropometry Will West Case
Wiki - case studies Bertillion Lab  


Diane Schuler Autopsy and Toxicology results - Taconic Parkway Crash 8/09 Autopsy - pictures and explanation - Video

Australian Museum - Interactive Autopsy
Port Authority Commissioner vs PD video
Virtual 3D autopsy - video Interactive Autopsy With Dr. Michael Baden Cause of rigor mortis
Autopsy of President Lincoln Coroner vs. medical examiner The 19th-century revolution in forensic imaging
What is a virtual autopsy? What Causes Rigor Mortis? Dependent Lividity
The Body Farm  VIDEO (National Geographic Video)

petechiae - pictures

Autopsy - starts at 18:00 video

Virtopsy - virtual autopsy video
Virtual Autopsy You Tube - Virtual Autopsy (VA medical Examiner) GSW to head


Psychology PPT
Stalking LAB

***TED talk by Forensic Psychologist Scott Fraser on Reconstructed Memory ("Why Eyewitnesses Get it Wrong")

Scott Fraser is a forensic psychologist who thinks deeply about the fallibility of human memory and encourages a more scientific approach to trial evidence.


TED Talk: Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory


The Psychology of Problem Solving  video

 Are you a psychopath?  "Flick the Switch" story and food for thought. (video)

Side by side list comparison: Psycopath vs Sociopath  PPT

Psychopath vs Sociopath tutorial video

Self Tests:  Are you a psychopath?!?

1) The Psycopath test
2) Psych Central test
3) Psymed test

Video - Psychopath vs. Sociopath

Audio - National Public Radio - PCLR measureof a psychopath

Psychopaths?  TED video
Top 10 stalker songs - with stories

NSA Stalking parady

facebook stalking

Do you know who's stalking you - Michele Glavan song

Imagine me and you - stalker song

Tom Jones- Delilah with subtitles

TRUMP stalks Hillary - Danny Elfman

Sandra Bullock 911 call - Stalker broke into house
STALKED 48 Hours episode
Part 1       Part 2

Pauly Perrett speak about stalking laws alternate link 

Justin Massler jumps bail.

CBS 2 Maurice DuBois - Staten Island Stalker
Dr. Knoll Stalking intervention.  
Brain Fingerprinting STALKING parody song and video

School stalker song (Albert Schmitt)

You're Just Too Good Not To Stalk - Loose Bruce Kerr (Frankie Valli Parody)
Paula Goodspeed - Paula Abdul Stalker commits suicide after American Idol rejection GREAT Perception Video

Lovefield video (watch to the end!)


Serial Killer OR Computer programmer

Eyewitness testimony evaluation Police missing the Obvious - video  
Mr. Rizzo's Psychology PPT Mr. Rizzo's Joan of Arc Competancy Hearing PPT RIZZO Stalking Webquest

RIZZO Psychiatry Webquest



American Board of Forensic Anthropology (ABFA) SUPA Anthropology Lecture PPT Courtesy Dr. A. Bunch Forensic Anthropology PBS History Detectives
  Dr. Spencer's Forensic Anthropology lecture - video

Dr. Spencer's Anthroplology PPT

Anthropology 2 PPT
Ubelaker Anthropology PPT
Interactive comparative anatomy (e-skeletons)
Excavation of skeletal remains Anthropology resources - all types Virtual Autopsy
    Identification of skeletal remains  Database


CHE 113 Spectroscopy PPT
SUPA Spectroscopy Lecture PPT Courtesy of Dr. M. Sponsler Forensic Ink Analysis - video Downloadable Library of Mass Spec's
GC-MS (Flash) interactive Images for spectroscopy Quantized Energy tutorial and interactive
Images for emission spectra Spectroscopy: Element Identification and Emission Spectra - with interactive flame test lab. Click symbol on the Periodic Table to see it's emission spectra.
  Machines + Equipment  
Neutron activation Analysis overview Mass spectroscopy tutorial Polygraph
Spectral detection - The original spectrograph

How does a spectrophotometer work? - video

Chromatography - Gen.Chem. on line Chromatography animation
Flash animations and quicktime movies Images for Atomic Absorption MRI images


Microscopy PPT
The micro and MACRO world PPT
Virtual Compound Microscope

Virtual microscopes all types
Microscopy PPT

microscope types - video
comparing microscopes-video


Virtual Compound Microscope

Virtual microscopes all types
Video - compound microscope use

microscope - The Tube that changed the world - video

microscope basics - The Compound Scope VIDEO

electron microscopy - video
"Electron microscopy 'FOR DUMMIES' " Compound Microscope tutorial Microscopes -"How Stuff Works" scroll through contents page
Microscope University - Tutorials and JAVA SCIPTS Introduction to Microscopy and history - pictures  

Fingerprint Sites

 PPT Fingerprinting 
History of Fingerprints

History VIDEO

Fingerprints and Biometrics PPT

PROJECT GUTENBERG - e-book on fingerprints Types and HX
Patterns and minutae - The basics

Fingerprint samples and how to classify them

FP summer lab packet

FP summer

Edmond Locard + Alphonse Bertillion  

Mythbusters Fingerprinting - opening a fingerprint locked door (BUSTED) VIDEO

FP Intro PPT


FP Jeopardy PPT

Dusting for prints PPT

Another FP PPT

  New FP lifting from bullets - video VIDEO- methods of lifting fingerprints
FP examples WORKSHEET FP online Self quiz  
Fingerprint comparison

Pattern recognition

Training Manual

FP card preparation

Science of Fingerprints

Techniques for taking legible prints

  Fingerprints for dummies Juan Vucetich and the origins of forensic fingerprinting
  The Thin Blue Line Sites Dermal Cross section
Ridge Characteristics Patterns with explanations Pattern Classification 

Toxicology Sites

Toxicology PPT - From a combination of sources
SUPA Toxicology Lecture PPT Courtesy Dr. J. Hackett White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) VIDEO - Hallucinations Forensic Toxicology VIDEO
SNL VIDEO - Michael Vick gets stopped at Miami Airport with weed in a waterbottle Rev's Drug PPT

Meth Clan Labs (Great PPT)

Toxicology Lab
INTERACTIVE effects of drugs on body Drug Swallowing PPT  CT scan of a "Mule" Salem Witch Trials
Different Drugs and their effect on the body   Drugs and effects


Faces of meth VIDEO

Faces of meth 2

PICTURES - The effects of drugs over time.  Pictures of the same person over a 9 year period MSNBC faces of meth news report
Anatomy of a meth user - POSTER Faces of meth Track Marks


MSNBC Documentary "One Nation Overdosed"
VIDEO of 911 call news report     I Think we're dying - Brownies.  VIDEO A reporter too close to the story - Burning Drugs  second video VIDEO - Spiders on drugs
  Driving while on different drugs Most Dangerous Drug - National Geo
Street Drug names and slang Illicit drug index Pictures of street drugs
  Street drugs  
SALVIA DIVINORUM (new "legal" drug)


What does the DEA think?

Ambien and sleep eating / driving


Sleep eating video

Santa DWI

How to fail a breathalizer

RENO 911 field sobriety test

Roadside sobriety test; Fail

How much will kill you?

DWI Juggler
Facts on Drugs. American Council for Drug Education List of abused prescription Drugs. Pictures and descriptions National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Drug facts
Drug abuse statistics by AGE GROUP Drug use by country and area  
Info on Prescription Drugs Diseases + Poisons Ecstacy Data
Drug Descriptions More drug spectrums Prescription Drug info - alphabetical
Methamphetamine interactive QUIZ

Meth quiz

Death of an Innocent Toxicology in the dock: Alfred Swaine Taylor and the William Palmer murder trial


Jim Breuer explains what happens when you mix alcoholic beverages VIDEO

A bear walks into a bar in Billings ... (story)
COPS - DWI stop and toxicology - A must see (SANTA) video

Reno 911 DWI test video

10 drugs you shouldn't take while driving VIDEO

How to fail a breathalizer video

Rev's Alcohol PPT

Drunk in a police station video


Graphic Pictures.  Young lady before and after her drunk driving accident.  Jacqui's story

Youtube video Jacqui's story

Oprah Video of Jacqui Saburido

Jacqui recently - video

Jacqui Saburido PPT and site

Woman fails FST Jim Leyritz DWI arrest video
Impairment drink chart

Alcohol by volume (Different drinks)

Intoximeter Drink Wheel How an intoxilizer works - chromatography
Drunk Driving info and roadside tests explained DWI Stops and tests DWI penalties in US and other countries

Origins of alcohol proof

Passage of alcohol through your body Old video

How alcohol works on the body

The Path of Alcohol in the body - video

Effects at certain BAC's

BAC Estimation chart

BAC (pdf file 2 page summary)

New York State DWI limits and penalties    
  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Economic costs of alcohol + drugs

STATS page

Drunk Driving statistics Drunk Driver stories How will you remember your prom - VIDEO
  The Lego Beer Song  VIDEO  

Fire and Arson Investigation

Arson PPT
Arson PPT Kitchen Fire Do's and Don'ts - VIDEO ETHANOL (Propane) Fire - Haz-Mat class 5/2012 (black pants tan jacket) PPT

Haz-Mat Suit Donning and Doffing PPT

Mahopac FD - Not just fighting fires- Candy Cane Run - Featuring SUPA Claus

Fire and arson investigators page. Codes and pictures Arson investigator Training web site Arson Dogs
East Fishkill, NY FD Fire Photos.  Click on photo gallery Arson Investigation Pictures from Mr. Orlando.  SUPA Forensics Instructor and firefighter MOUSE sets house on fire
  Carmel, NY Structure Fire IFO ShopRite Rt. 52 11-30-05 Patterson, NY Structure Fire. Quaker Manor Rd 1-1-06
Arson stills (pictures) Light a fire without matches - Video Kitchen Oil Fire - video

Explosives and explosions

Explosions video Woosh Bottle reaction video

Propane balloon explosion video

Wikipedia - BLEVE
Chemmaxx BLEVE video and info Department of Homeland Security Bomb threat evacuation chart First Atomic Bomb Test - Video


Firearms and Ballistics PPT
Power Points Courtesy of SU Professor Matt Kurimsky - Firearms Instructor (Onandoga County Center for Forensic Science) 2019 Edition

Firearms in the classroom  PPT

Firearms and Toolmarks  PPT
The Rifleman S5E21- Intro to Balistics 1961 - Video

Watch National Geographic Ballistics Video
Direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7llfUFbYnYQ

Forensic Files - "Gone Ballistic" episode

Forensic Files - "Magic Bullet" episode

History Channel - Things you didn't know about Ammo by R. Lee Ermey

Firearms Handout
Hunter exam - Great Ballistic info and video (Thanks to Mr. Rizzo - great find)

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) The science behind firearms and toolmark investigations

New FP lifting from bullets - video

Dress Code Video

Ballistic vest videos

Ballistics and Explosives PPT

Ballistics VEST lab PPT


Frangible Slow Motion Video
VIDEO How not to test fire a weapon

How a firearm (Handgun) works video

How a revolver works video

How ammo is made video

extractor and ejector marks

loading and ejecting video

Bullets slowed down video

Ballistics to classical music  video

Ballistics PPT

Ballistic Vest vs Weapons PPT

Why police shoot people with knives PPT

Cell Gun
Knife Gun
Metal Storm

History of Firearms PPT Courtesy Matt Kurimsky Onondaga County Crime Lab

Horandy web site videos ballistics resources

SUPA Ballistics presentation PPT Courtesy Matt Kurimsky Onondaga County Crime Lab Guns in slow motion - video

Guns in slow motion - video

Slow Motion bullets and cavitations - video



Wear eye protection

National Geographic Balistics Video
Direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7llfUFbYnYQ

Ohio University Forensic Science Balistics lab

Mythbusters - can you curve a bullet by shooting "Gansta'" style?

Firearm Science - Bullet Trajectory

Forensic Files - "Gone Balistic" episode

Forensic Files - "Magic Bullet" episode

History Channel - Things you didn't know about Ammo by R. Lee Ermey


Curve a bullet?  Mythbusters



Bullet trajectory



Use of a comparison microscope.  U Ohio Forensic lab



*Forensics files .. Gone Ballistic



*Forensic Files  The Magic Bullet



NG the ultimate bullet



R Lee Ermy

DEA agent shoots self in foot video Ballistic Tutorial and GSW pictures

Ballistics Injury EMT PPT

How do bullets fly?
Bullet video Slowed down video Basic Ballistics and drop rate X-Ray of shotgun blast to arm
Wikipedia - Bullets Wikipedia - Bullets and Cartridges Ammunition of all types (Wiki)
Hollow point - pictures Rifle Cartridges - and         Handgun Cartridges           sizes and pictures (Wiki) Frangibles Pictures
Rifiling Handguns Shotguns
Bullet Trajectory - PICTURES (just below ads) extractor and ejector marks

loading and ejecting video

How a firearm (Handgun) works video

How a revolver works video

How ammo is made video
How to hide firearms Video Firearms and tool marks overview VIDEO How not to test fire a weapon
VIDEO - Sniper shooting weapon from man's hands Common Ballistic speeds Gunshot residue - Pictures of test firing and tatooing
  cell phone gun VIDEO

youtube video

Reading gunshot patterns Metal Storm Gun - Electronically fired video Military VIDEO - automatic weapons
Knife-Gun VIDEO

Youtube link

Why girls should be careful firing guns Video Why cops shoot people with guns - PPT
Ballistics Gel shotgun video

Bullet video


Accident Investigation

Minnowbrook Spring 2012 Lecture PPT's by SGT. Matthew Hawley.  Bedford, NY PD

Lecture   Calculations exercise   Calc. Answers

  Transcare Drive cam video
Speed enforced by aircraft.  The real meaning of that road sign. Crash Test Data Field Sobriety Test and other police procedures and guidelines NHTSA
100 mph Crash on dash-cam VIDEO   Accident scenario's and analysis
Accident reconstruction Links Traffic accident reconstruction Speedometer change with different tire sizes-interactive
Car crash video (Dash Cam's) Jacqui's story PPT Long Island L.I.E. car into toll booth VIDEO Car into Christopher's Deli (Hair in windshield)
Car into Pond - Fox Lane HS ppt pictures Porsche Graphic Pictures VIDEO  MVA's in a Russian Tunnel
  Train Vs. Car Vehicle fire (suspicious)
Indiana State Trooper vehicle vs. Semi Crash Test dummies in action Institute for Highway safety test crash videos
Brewster MVA involving HS students $1 million Ferrari demolished PPT pictures

125 mph Ferrari MVA

Dad I'm borrowing the car ...

Drunk driving accidents


Forensics Photography intro Gallery of pictures from Westchester.gov labs Crime scene photography with sample pictures (angles, shooting in progress, altered images?) Alexander Jason website (NOT Jason Alexander from SEINFELD)
Photography and the arson scene. Arson cases and stories Brazoria County Sherriff's Office Click on left column for photography (researching new link)
Check out this illusion Ball Girl VIDEO


Chromatography PPT
Basic information on chromatography

What is Chromatography

Chromatography Lab ideas Ink analysis         Lab
Magic Marker Chromatography Lab Magic Marker Radial Chromatography Lab Paper Chromo Lab ideas

Paper Chromatography VIDEO

Gas Chromatography explanation and demo - VIDEO TLC Video Chromatography animation
Chromatography - Gen.Chem. on line    


Hair  PPT
Rev's Hair PPT
Morphology of hair PPT Hair structure PPT
Hair pictures PPT Hair analysis Lab

Hair info and lab sheets

Mr. Rizzo's  Hair analysis
Napoleon wasn't poisoned ... Hair analysis

Neil Armstrong's Locke of Hair case


Fiber and plants

Fiber  PPT
Rev's Fiber PPT


Fiber video

TED TALK Jonathan Drori: Every pollen grain has a story. Pollen DNA "Pollen forensics … are being used now to track where counterfeit drugs have been made, where banknotes have come from" Forensic Botany - Crime Scene Botanicals

Forensic Botany PPT
Fiber videos
1) Making Rayon
2) Silk Factory and Production
3) Cotton vs Linen burn test
4) Cotton - Farm to Fabric
Wayne Williams video
Part 1   
Part 2
Fiber burn tests flowchart

Making Rayon video (Start at 1:47)

Nylon Synthesis video


Glass  PPT

Refractive Index PPT
Glass Explaosion at 343,000 fps ! VIDEO

How fast does glass crack?  VIDEO
Glass 2017  PPT


World of glass

Mythbusters Age of glass - video
Part 1      Part 2

Crime Museum glass analysis

FBI - Forensic Glass analysis

How glass is made part 1

Part 2 How glass is made

Glass making video

car glass video

Applet:  Glass fracture computer imaging

Laminated vs Tempered glass Breaking video
How glass is made

Glass making video

Refractive index and optics
Types of glass - BREAKING experiment Glass and soil PPT from Plainfield HS (long Island) Refractive index list of glass and oils
Reconstructing a bottle fracture How to use a Refractometer video Glass fracture computer imaging


  UK Scenario - Marks at a crime scene.  Footwear and toolmarks.  

Questioned Documents

Famous Questioned Documents Wisconsin State Questioned Documents Unit Mr. Rizzo's Handwriting analysis PPT
VIDEO on Graphology

What your signature says about you?

Graphology handwriting analysis explained
  Handwriting sample analyzed
Handwriting Strokes Handwriting self test On-Line self test
  Ink analysis         Lab  
Personality types with handwriting - scroll down a few inches Handwriting personality profile What "debunker" The Amazing Randi says about graphology

Voice analysis


Legal Matters

Daubert on the web (by state also) Dr. Spencer's lecture - "Forensic Science and Legal Underpinnings"  


Blood PPT
Blood PPT

Blood Spatter patterns PPT

Blood Spatter PPT

Blood spatter Lab VIDEO (great)

The science of Murder - News story on Blood spatter analysis

Blood Spatter - A Math Matter (Thanks to Mrs. Dotterer for this find)

Blood and Spatter.  Combined PPT courtesy of SUPA colleagues

High speed camera Blood Spatter

Blood spatter training images (click on second highlighted URL "View images from previous bloodstain pattern workshop")

Herb MacDonnell - Blood Spatter Experiment - VIDEO 

How surface tension affects blood stain patterns VIDEO (Blood dropping on different surfaces)

How angle affect blood stain patterns VIDEO

Determining height of blood source (Trigonometry!) video

Bloodstain Area of Convergence VIDEO

Terminology list


Info and video  http://www.forensicsciencesimplified.org/blood/how.html


Info and angle measure   http://www.crimescene-forensics.com/Crime_Scene_Forensics/Bloodstains.html


Vocabulary   https://www.azflse.org/download.cfm?filename=BLOODSPATTERVOCABULARY&type=pdf&loc=csiarizona



Playlist of blood spatter  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk3y-66BvSLX8MfStq7lOnfSeqp0Vb1XA


Spatter on different surfaces  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fqz4qWqaX0



LAB   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1H0IyMuQxE

Bloodstain pattern tutorial

Blood Pattern video

Tutorial with pictures on blood stain pattern analysis Flow chart of blood spatter type analysis
Serology - It's in the blood. truTV NEWS REPORT - Blood Spatter analysis The making of a blood stain analyst
Procedure for graphing blood spatter analysis with microsoft excel High Speed Camera - Spatter Patterns Relationship of impact angle to blood spatter shape.
LAB Blood spatter Brazoria County Sherriff's Office Click on left column for spatter How to make fake blood.  "Stage blood" RECIPE
Blood spatter - Properties of blood Bloodstain Directionality  


Forensic Analysis of soil samples Interpol's Forensic Examination of soil Conference Dr. Michael Baden discusses Soil Analysis of the Barker Ranch - Charles Manson Case
Rizzo's and Rev's Soil PPT    
Soil Lab Soil Capillarity lab Soil pH Lab
Soil Water holding capacity Lab Soil Texture Lab Soil Organic content Lab


Estimating Time of Death PPT
Brazoria County Sherriff's Office Click on left column for entomology Life cycle of the black blow fly A brief history of forensic entomology


DNA testing may spur war crimes cases Solve your own DNA cases Key accomplishments: DNA
Virtual DNA extraction Lab DNA PPT Courtesy Professor Bill Shields SUNY ESF Biological evidence and DNA - National Center for forensic science
Identifying DNA evidence - DNA.gov

CODIS (Combined DNA Indexing System)

Understanding DNA Evidence - A guide for victim service providers (NIJ) Stacey Castor Case - DNA (Wife killed 2 husbands and tried to frame daughter)

ABC News 20/20 report on Stacey Castor - video link

You Tube - Stacey Castor Verdict

Killers without Conscience - Stacey Castor Case



Wayne Williams  -  Fiber case PPT
Case hsitory - victims
    Case Prezi
DNA Strengthens Wayne Williams case
Ernesto MIRANDA vs. Arizona 1963  PPT
Stacey Castor Case - DNA (Wife killed 2 husbands and tried to frame daughter)

ABC News 20/20 report on Stacey Castor - video link

You Tube - Stacey Castor Verdict

Killers without Conscience - Stacey Castor Case

Trayvon Martin Case video  Audio news report of 911 call

George Zimmerman's story  video

Will West Case PPT
Sacco and Vanzetti
Daubert V. Merrell Pharmaceutical Chandra Levy + Skeletal remains
Shroud of Turin  ACTIVITY: A case of murder. Forensic experiments in class. Arsenic and King George
Ted Bundy's Bitemarks Famous Trials Coddington v Evanko

second case report

 Hair case

  Was Napoleon poisoned? OJ TRIAL  The glove doesn't fit...you must acquit



Forensic Titles


Equipment resources form summer forensics conference

SIRCHIE Lynn Peavey Lightning Powder
Vendors of forensic supplies France Casting

Bone Clones



The Science Spot - Forensics labs and plans    

Teacher Resources

(submit and share)

Teacher training through PWISTA Eyewitness Questionaire Forensic flowchart
Bertillon Lab Magic Marker Chromatography Lab Magic Marker Radial Chromatography Lab
Forensics Science Job Application check list   Brazoria County Sherriff's Office links
MINNOWBROOK 2009 Mr. Rizzo's Intro to Forensics Bertino  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17

ADV Bertino 1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15


Casey Anthony bio

CNN Casey Anthony Case Summary

Insect testimony
Rescued from death row: Kirk Bloodsworth and the Innocence Project Michael Blassie unknown soldier no more


The Buck Ruxton "Jigsaw Murders" case A "lab of last resort" solving the Efren Saldivar case Toxicology in the dock: Alfred Swaine Taylor and the William Palmer murder trial


Juan Vucetich and the origins of forensic fingerprinting