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Credits this year are $115 per credit x 8 credits for the course ($920).  You will register on-line. S.U. will bill you directly.  Follow instructions given in class.


Total Points            S.U. Grade            MHS Grade

81-100                      A                             95    

72-80                        A-                            92    

67-71                        B+                            88

64-66                        B                               85

61-63                        B-                             82

55-60                        C+                            78

46-54                        C                               75

36-45                        C-                             72

or....if you add 10 points to your total points and it comes out higher than the MHS get the higher score.

Keep on top of your grades at  You will receive an email to enroll in


*** NOTE *** The grade "average" shown on this program is NOT the actual average.  This program will give your HW average and a list of exam grades.

To calculate your grade:

1) Take the top 3 of our 4 (20 point) exams          -->    60 points

2) Final Exam                                                        -->   30 Points

3) Homework Average - from  -->  10 points

This is your "total points" in the table above which is used to calculate your course grade.

MHS Grade = 0.75(course grade from above chart) + 0.25(Lab Grade) 

This is in line with the 3 credit lecture and 1 credit lab Syracuse University format.

1516  1617  1718