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The cost for SUPA forensics for the 2022-2023 academic year is $460 ($115 per credit).  You will register on line, and S.U. will bill you directly.

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First Marking period Project:

Crime Scene Movie Project
You may work alone, or in a group up to 4 people. 
1) Brainstorm a storyboard depicting a crime being committed
2) Design your own working crime scene, and show how it would be processed based on your modus operandi
3) Demonstrate the seven "S"'s of a crime scene
4) Include ID and collection/preservation of evidence.  EX: Blood Spatter, Hair, Fiber, Toxicology, Fingerprints, Graphology, profiling/stalking.


Second Marking period Project:

You are to pick and study a court case; old or new.  Explain how forensics played a major role in this case whether to prove guilt or innocence.  The format will be the same as the first marking period project.

Topic submission due TBA.


Third Marking Period Project:

Review a case dealing with "The Innocence Project".  Provide details of the conviction and exoneration of the person involved.

Topic submission due TBA

Projects due TBA


Fourth Marking Period Project

The class is going to be randomly split into two teams.  Each team will be preparing a crime scene for the other team to solve.

Crime Scene: You have to actually prepare the scene.  Sketches and story lines will be submitted to me prior to the activity (Date TBA).  You will provide the props, actors, evidence, people who have "information" etc. for the other team.  Physical evidence must be in the form that we can test in lab as we have done throughout the year.

Investigative Group: You are charged with solving the crime.  You tasks include everything we have discussed during the year (and items we will get to).  Secure the scene, rough and smooth sketches, pictures, triangulated measurements, physical evidence collection and analysis, questioning and interrogation -- just to name a few.

We will have a class period or two to set this up.  The rest of the set up is on your own -- so make sure you have a team leader and assign jobs as necessary.  More information to come. ENJOY

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Pick any topic in forensic science.  You will be presenting this topic to the class in the form of a 5 minute power point presentation.  The object is to familiarize yourself, as well as your classmates, on this topic.  The power point should include all necessary pictures, drawings, vocabulary etc.  You will provide the narrative.  Remember this is a presentation, you are not using the power point as a teleprompter to read from.  Provide your resources on one of the last slides.  Write 5 test questions on your presentation; either fill-in or short answer style with the answers.

Topic and abstract submission due Monday September 10; TYPED.

Project due date TBA (second week in October)