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EMT  Curriculum Materials
MHS Class Schedule 2021

Class expectations 2021

NYS Written Exam Thursday May 20, 2021 You will receive an e-mail from NYS to sign up for a test.

NYS Practical Skills Exam - Week of May 10, 2021 (Signed up in class)

Why take the EMT ?

Practical Skills Exam

Skill sheets

Summary to obtain NYS EMT certification

NYS BLS Protocols


On-line HW

HAZ MAT on-line course (Print Certificate) open "Course Material" and open "Take Final Exam on-line".  Print and bring to class OR E-mail me the certificate when complete

Take ICS 100 ICS 700, and ICS 5  on line.

NYS EMT-B Curriculum

CME Refresher Participant registration from

CME based refresher requirements (hours for each topic)

NYS Part 800 EMS Law PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONS on line Where to join locally (VAC and FD)
Mahopac Falls Volunteer FD application.pdf

Mahopac Volunteer FD application.pdf

Darien HS EMT's You tube video of a CBS NEWS article

EMT Practice tests, Skills, video .. A plethora of great stuff

Irvington EMS NYS skill station videos These are fantastic videos of each skill station by veteran instructors!  (Part of Sager Splint station, Another sager video)

EMS Training/News Videos (EMS1.com)

JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) video

Brian Bledsoe Article - NEW EMT CURRICULUM
  Excellent Skills Videos  
Station 1 - Medical Assessment
by Benjamin Fontanilles
Station 2 - Trauma Assessment
 by Benjamin Fontanilles
Station 3 AED/CPR
Station 4 - BVM apneic with pulse
Station 5A - OPA, NPA, Suction

Station 5B - Oxygen administration

Station 5C - Bleeding Control / Shock management
Station 6A - Long Bone Splinting
by EMTprep

Station 6B - Joint Injury
by Yale New Haven NREMT Program

Station 6C - Traction Splinting
Station - KED
by EMTprep

Station - KED
by Benjamin Fontanilles

Station - Long Board
IN Narcan Administration
Why learning directions is important!

Video lectures on each chapter of Limmer/Brady textbook.


FD/VAC Member Verification Clinical Rotation (ER) Form

NYS_EMT/Ambulance Observer Application

Missed class makeup form
NYS EMS Policy Forms

EMT-Basic Recertification requirements

  • 24 hours of Refresher Training (review of core content)
    • Preparatory (1)
    • Airway (2)
    • Patient Assessment (3)
    • Medical/Behavioral (8)
      • General Pharmacology/Respiratory/Cardiac (4)
      • Diabetes/Altered Mental Status/Allergies (2)
      • Poisoning/Environmental/Behavioral (2)
    • Trauma (4)
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology (2)
    • Infants and Children (2)
    • Elective (2)
  • 48 hours of additional continuing education requirements, which must include:
    • Geriatrics (minimum of 3 hours)
    • WMD/Terrorism (minimum of 3 hours)
McGraw Hill PPTS

Brady/Limmer 12e PPTS


Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department Web Page

Mahopac FD MCI Drill 8/26/2010

Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department Web Page Putnam County Bureau of Emergency services Home Page
Westchester EMS Home Page.  Good example of an EMS agency.


Great pictures and stories of events.

Video + Slides of all Human systems
EMS Call Simulator Virtual Hospital + Links On-Line Medical Dictionary
University of Maryland Medicine Health Reference. ALL TOPICS Emergency Medical Education BLS EMS around the world
EMS news stories from EMSclosecalls.com    


 Video by topic
PARAMEDICS - the show (Video)    
DC Metro Train crash Response Video Ambulance MVC - extrication video PTSD patient attacks paramedic video
Farewell St. Vincent's - Tribute PPT Putting it all together ... Cardiac arrest call video EMT PODCASTS

Practical Skills Video

Very Similar to NYS ... NOT exact
Irvington EMS NYS skill station videos    
Station 1  Medical

Medical Assessment tutorial

Station 2  Trauma  

Trauma assessment tutorial

Station 3    Cardiac Arrest Management AED
Station 4   BVM

BVM tutorial

Station 5a   Airway adjuncts and suction

Station 5b   Supplemental Oxygen Administration

Oxygen administration - video song

Oxygen administration

Oxygen Administration Tutorial

Station 5c   Bleeding Control Shock mgmt

Bleeding and shock management - video song

Bleeding tutorial 

Station 6A   Long Bone Injury splinting

Joint and long bone immobilization tutorial

Station 6B Joint immobilization

Joint and long bone immobilization tutorial

Station 6C   Traction Splinting

Traction Splinting tutorial

Video of dirt bike accident traction splint application

Station   Spinal Immobilization seated Pt.

Seated KED application video

Station   Spinal Immobilization supine Pt

Supine immobilization - video

Supine Spinal immobilization tutorial

Helmet removal tutorial

Mouth to mask with supplemental oxygen Blood Glucometery tutorial

How to use a nebulizer tutorial

Pt. Lifting and Moving tutorial

Spinal precautions for near drowning patients (water rescue) tutorial




Section 1

Preparatory / Foundations
Mahopac Falls FD Pictures

Introduction to EMS

Chapter 1 13e PPT Introduction to Emergency Care
Chapter 1 1PPT2e 2012 Introduction to Emergency Care   MH PPT Chapter 1 EMS Systems and Research
Story of the Star Of Life Story of Ambucycles - Rescue (Hatzolah) in Israel  
Fresno State EMT program Intro To EMS Lecture VIDEO EMS Cartoons - By topic Intro to emergency care PPT
Legal / Ethical Aspects PPT Well being of the EMT PPT Intro to EMS VIDEO - Do you have what it takes?
DISCOVERY ambulance equipment video Paramedic Stress at a MCI article

Pediatric Drowning story - coping
Becoming an EMT - Article Courtesy of Mr. Rev's Dad Live RPG removed from Soldier - VIDEO Truth is stranger and funnier than fiction - Read about this call
London Ambulance Service - a day in the life VIDEO A life in a day - Trauma reenactment VIDEO Difference Between EMS levels - VIDEO NEWS
Stretchers in a parade ... only in IDAHO - VIDEO EMT dedication VIDEO What it takes to be an EMT VIDEO
5 stages of grief   Cartoon video explanation

Chicago Fire Department - Everyone Goes Home video

Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture  Video DC Metro Train crash Response Video
Wanted Dead or Alive EMS Tribute VIDEO   Police officer supports woman crushed by bus - Great Patient care!

Scene Safety

Chapter 2 PPT13e The Well_Being of the EMT
Chapter 2  PPT12e 2012 The Well_Being of the EMT Good Samaritans Help Pull Victim off Subway Tracks VIDEO MH PPT's

Chapter 2 part 1 Workforce Safety and Wellness

Chapter 2 part 2

Chapter 2 part 3

Chapter 2 part 4

Is the scene safe to enter?

VIDEO - UK Police driving in high water

Communicable Disease PPT Ambulance accident video - On scene

2 NYC ambulances Collide at intesection - video Additional video , investigation video

Oklahoma Trooper struck by distracted driver updating his Facebook page Dash Cam VIDEO and news story

Blood Bourne Pathogens on-line Quiz Ambulance Driver attacked by Patient - story + video 62 Minute Extrication - House of Cludder
Scene Safety - Response time article Emergency response RAP VIDEO PTSD video
Scene Safe VIDEO delay? NEWS report Bus - Train crash in Argentina - VIDEO  

Lifting and Moving Patients

Chapter 3 PPT 13e Lifting and Moving Patients
Chapter 3  PPT12e 2012 Lifting and Moving Patients
Brady/AAOS 9e Chap 5 PPT
Lifting and Moving Patients
Lifting and moving devices video and explanations

Use of a scoop stretcher

Stryker power load demo

Manual stryker stretchers

Patient moving devices PPT

Moving patients PPT
  Lecture Video - Lifting and Moving patients Stair chair demo - Video
  Quia on-line self test lifting and moving.  

Medical Legal

Chapter 4 PPT 13e Medical Legal issues
Medical Legal FLASH CARD review Chapter 4 12e PPT 2012 Medical, Legal, and Ethical issues MH PPT Chapter 3 Legal and Ethical issues and Documentation
But I don't want to go to the hospital - A+E video

Implied Consent - A+E video unconscious pt.
Medical Legal aspects of EMS Temple Univ. PPT Medical-Legal flash card vocab review

Termination of resuscitation ... when to say when article

Legal Questions video-W. Ann Maggiore, JD, EMT-P, MOLST Videos

MOLST Training video

NY POLST explanation - video
Can they legally refuse?(article) Tips for writing a PCR refusal NEGLIGENCE? article

$10 Million negligence case award.


Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 5 PPT 13e Medical Terminology

Chapter 6 PPT13e Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 7 PPT13e Ventilation, Perfusion, and Shock: Understanding Pathophysiology.
Chapter 5 PPT 12e 2012 Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 6  PPT12e 2012 Principles of Physiology

Directional Terms Video

Postitional Body Planes Video

Ways to remember anatomical terms Video

Anatomical Yoga Video

Chapter 5 Medical Terminology

Chapter 6  The Human Body

Chapter 7 Pathophysiology


Astrounaut / bone A+P, bone loss. VIDEO

Human Body Systems Review site

EZ IO Leg insertion



Bill Nye the science guy- JOINTS



Miley Cyrus Bones song

NAME those bones song


All bones names song - video

The Human Bones Song - video

Skeletal Bones Song - video

The respiratory System song - guess the song?

Vocal Cords in action VIDEO

Katy Perry Circulatory song

Katy Perry Digestion song

Respiratory A+P video
  What does the spleen do? (Parody Song) Cardiac A+P ( WARNING Gross Anatomy)

How the heart works VIDEO

Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System! video

LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) No Pulse

School House Rock CIRCULATION

Heart Ciculation PUMPS YOUR BLOOD  Happy Days version

Black Eyed Peas .. PUMP IT

Circulation song (grenade)

Circulation rap song

Human Body flash cards vocab review A + P PPT review Skeleton TUTORIALS

Spinal Column

Thoracic Cavity

Human Skeleton

Skelton Mouse over

UMM Body and Body System Guide UMM Animation and explanation Human anatomy: pictures and animation
Virtual Autopsy Interactive Autopsy with Dr. Michael Baden Healthy Body Calculator - interactive
Human Systems - FLASH VIDEOS Mr. Weisberg's Bone x-Ray Power point  
Elements in the Human Body - Pictures and descriptions

Digestive System - Video tutotrial
 another digestive system video

Digestive Disease Myths Pictures Slideshow: Common Misconceptions

Digestive system info 

Inside the digestive tract


Nervous system - Video Tutorial
Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension) Photo Slideshow

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension VIDEO

Lowering Blood Pressure Pictures Slideshow: Exercise Tips for Getting Started

Rash 101: Introduction to Common Skin Rashes

Skin Pictures Slideshow: Adult Skin Problems

A and P review charts
VIDEO - Kidney Function Bones RAP VIDEO

NAME those bones song

EZ IO Leg insertion EZ IO RAW EGG EZ IO Humerous infusion

Tibial Infusion


Respiratory Boyle's Law VIDEO

Respiratory passage of air SONG VIDEO

Resp rap video


School House Rock CIRCULATION


Heart Ciculation PUMPS YOUR BLOOD Happy Days version

Black Eyed Peas .. PUMP IT


Lifespan Development

Chapter 8 PPT13e Lifespan Development
    Chapter 7 PPT12e 2012 Lifespan Development
MH PPT Chapter 8 Life Span Development
 Pediatric Assessment Triangle PDF

Pediatric Assessment triangle VIDEO


Pediatric Trauma PPT

Peds responder PPT

Children's Health

Baby Milestones Slideshow: Your Child's First Year of Development 

SIDS  PPT presentation

SIDS test - Florida EMS

Pediatric First Aid Quick Reference Guide Childhood Immunization (Vaccination) Schedule
Twin babies ... communicating with each other? VIDEO    
  Geriatric Emergencies PPT Geriatric Trauma PPT
How good is your hearing ... test it now Geriatrics PPT An understanding of geriatric Patients PPT 
Unlocking the mysteries of the Aged by Dr. J. van der Steeg

PHC Geriatric PPT

Toe Nails  1   Senior Health: Successful Aging

Section 2

Airway Management, Respiration, Ventilation
ALS PPT - Airway and Ventillation


Chapter 9 PPT13e Airway Management

Chapter 10 PPT13e Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
Asthma explanation video

What happend during an asthma attack -case study video

Asthma (Nucleus video)

pneumonia video

Abdominal Thrusts VIDEO Customer choking on food in restaurant saved by worker

Vocal Cords in action VIDEO

Airway video A+P annoying sounds...turn off volume.

The respiratory System song - guess the song?



Chapter 8 PPT12e 2012 Airway Management

Chapter 9 PPT12e 2012 Respiration and Artificial Ventilation


Chapter 12 Airway Management

Chapter 13 Respiration

Chapter 14 Artificial Ventilation

Respiratory Anatomy video lecture

Respiratory Boyle's Law VIDEO

The respiratory System song - guess the song?

Resp rap video

Helium vs. Sulfur Hexafluoride voice changes courtesy MYTHBUSTERS

Sulfur hexafluoride

Ellen on SF6

KHAN Academy Respiratory Lecture Video

Respiratory System in 3D

Respiratory system song - video

TED-ed repspiratory video

 ***A Supercalifragilistic Respiratory Song***

Respiratory Anatomy video lecture

Respiratory passage of air SONG VIDEO

The respiratory System song - guess the song?

Airway assessment video (Start at 2:30)


Smoking and COPD Video

Brian Curtis Story - smoking (Sad video)

Every Cigarette is doing you damage Video

Inflation of healthy lungs vs. cigarette smokers lungs  video


Police Notebook - First Aid for choking

Ambulance Fire causes oxygen tank to explode in ambulance VIDEO

Mythbusters - oxygen tank rocket VIDEO

Oxygen explosion results VIDEO

Breath sounds link

WAV Files

Breath sounds link

Crackles          Wheeze          

More WAV's

 Asthma wheeze

Course Rales    Rales 2    Medium Rales

 Death Rattle    Fine Rales  

Stridor     Stridor 2    Standard  

Respiratory system PPT


Oxygen Administration PPT

BVM skills VIDEO

Airway adjuncts and suction skills VIDEO

Mouth to mask with supplemental oxygen skills VIDEO

Brady/AAOS 9e Chap 6 PPT Airway Management Brady/AAOS 9e 16 PPT  Respiratory Emergencies DeFrance.org Airway PPT
Management of Airway and Breathing PPT Dyspnea PPT Bronchodilators PPT
Difficulty breathing

Child video

Quit Smoking - The Bryan Curtis Story Video

Dying from smoking is rarely quick VIDEO

Throat cancer VIDEO

Cadaver lungs on respirator video

Airway assessment video (Start at 2:30)

Nebulizer use Video

Insert an OPA video  OPA Insertion video (cut away)

Insert an NPA video  NPA Insertion video (cut away)

Oxygen admin video

BVM apneic patient video

Oxygen administration video

Suctioning the airway video

Asthma Myths Quiz Pictures Slideshow: Test Your Asthma IQ

Respiratory info

Asthma info on-line Airway Quiz
Breathe Song Flail Chest video     video 2     video 3 COPD Video

How COPD Develops VIDEO


Section 3

Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment

Chapter 11 PPT13e Scene Size-Up

Chapter 12 PPT13e The Primary Assessment

  Chapter 10 PPT12e 2012 Scene Size-Up

Chapter 11 PPT12e 2012 The Primary Assessment


Chapter 15 Therapeutic Communications and History Taking

Chapter 16 Scene Size-Up

Chapter 17 Patient Assessment

  Patient Assessment PPT


Brady/AAOS 9e Chap 7 PPT Scene Size Up

Brady/AAOS 9e Chap 8 PPT Initial Assessment

Brady/AAOS 9e 11 PPT   Medical Assessment

Brady 10 PPT  Trauma Assessment

Brady/AAOS 9e 12 PPT  Ongoing Assessment

Rocksponse VIDEO on initial assessment

Paramedic Video - watch the Patient Assessment

A life in a day - Trauma reenactment VIDEO Pt. assessment Skill VIDEO When Patient Assessment goes horribly wrong.  Man declared dead found alive - VIDEO

Woman Declared dead revived Article

Scene Safe VIDEO delay? NEWS report JVD Wikipedia   pictures Assessment VIDEO  Trauma   Medical
Mechanism of Injury VIDEO Freeway Patrol episode 5 POOR pt. assessment video in California (uncx. prostitute at roadside) Real Pt. Assessment(part 1)  video NYC EMS (Old H+H NYCEMS..not FDNY)

Part 2 Pt. Assessment

Part 3 Pt. Assessment

Part 4 Pt. Assessment

Part 5 Pt. Assessment

UK Trauma Motorcyclist video

Trauma Assessment SONG

NREMT Trauma Skills video

Skills video Trauma assessment (Not NYS..but good)

Patient assessment wig GAG video A&E Nightwatch Trauma MOI - video

Vitals and SAMPLE History

Chapter 13 PPT 13e Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
Baseline Vital Signs and SAMPLE History VIDEO instructions Brady 9 PPT Vitals and SAMPLE Chapter 12 12e PPT Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
Vital signs PPT
How to take a Blood Pressure

1) Cuff placement

2) inflate the cuff

3) What to listen for

4) Tips for taking BP

Taking a pulse

Blood pressure lab How to use a stethoscope - video
How to take a Blood Pressure Vital Signs    by Lt. Nikole Gray, EMT, Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department Lecture video - Lifting and moving Patients, Baseline vital signs and SAMPLE History (Fresno State EMT Program)

Trauma Overview

Chapter 14 PPT 13e The Secondary Assessment
  Chapter 13 12e PPT Assessment of the Trauma Patient MH PPT Chapter 33 Trauma Overview

Pictorial View of Trauma PPT 

P.A.S.G. PPT Initial Trauma Assessment PPT
Trauma Patient Assessment PPT Trauma Scoring PPT Multi-System Trauma PPT
Kinematics of Trauma PPT Trauma Cartoons PPT Guns in slow motion - video

Slow Motion bullets and cavitations - video

EMT Class Talk on MVA’s  PPT - Paramedic J. Davila Guest Lecture TBI Video Pole Dancing Spinal Trauma Video
Bus - Train crash in Argentina - VIDEO MOI pictorial Holy cow...look at that MOI - VIDEO
Scene NOT SAFE - Chemical (ammonia) Adam's TBI story - VIDEO Effects of damage to different lobes of the brain - VIDEO
Old vs. new car crash test - video

Smart car crash test - video

Interesting car crash pictures - video


Medical Overview

Chapter 14 12e Assessment of the Medical Patient

Chapter 15 12e  Reassessment

Chapter 16 12e Critical Thinking and Decision Making

  MH PPT Chapter 18 Medical Overview

PCR Writing and Communications

Chap 15 PPT 13e Communication and Documentation
Chapter 17 12e Communication and Documentation Medical abbreviations MH Chapter 4 EMS System Communication PPT
How to Write a PCR   by Lt.Nikole Gray, EMT, Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department.

PCR writing PPT by Karl W. Klug. Deputy Chief of Operations Suffolk County EMS

PCR Writing PPT

Communications PPT

Records and reports PPT

NYS PCR       Front         Back
Instruction Manual NYS NYS PCR Policy statement RPI Ambulance training class - OPS and PCR (PPT)
Carona VAC PCR protocol WREMSCO PCR info and codes EMSTAR - PCR guidelines

Section 4

Medical Emergencies


Chapter 16 PPT 13e General Pharmacology
Chapter 18 12e General Pharmacology   MH PPT's

Chapter 9 Principles of Pharmacology

Chapter 10 Medication Administration

Chapter 11 Emergency Medications

Another Basic EMT Pharm. PPT

Pharmacology PPT

Pharmacology EMT flash cards

More flash cards vocabulary

Pharmacology LECTURE

Pharmacology pdf outline

Prescription drug identifier Info on Prescription Drugs Drug Descriptions
  Aspirin PPT Nitroglycerine PPT


Pharmacology part 2 PPT Bronchodilators PPT
Oral Glucose PPT How to use a nebulizer - VIDEO  

Respiratory Emergencies

Chapter 17 PPT 13e Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 19 12e Respiratory Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 21 Respiratory Disorders
DeFrance Respiratory   PPT What does asthma do   VIDEO

Asthma  VIDEO

VIDEO of vocal Cords

Metered Dose Inhaler

Asthma explanation VIDEO


Every Cigarette is doing you damage Video

Inflation of healthy lungs vs. cigarette smokers lungs  video

KHAN Academy Respiratory Lecture Video

Respiratory System in 3D

 ***A Supercalifragilistic Respiratory Song***

Respiratory Anatomy video lecture

Respiratory passage of air SONG VIDEO

Capnography VIDEO

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Chapter 18 PPT 13e Cardiac Emergencies

Chapter 20 12e Cardiac Emergencies CPR to the Proclaimers tune of "I Would Walk 500 Miles".  BBC UK MH PPT Chapter 22 Cardiovascular Disorders

Student saved by CPR and AED by SRO

Man saved by 96 min of CPR

96 minutes of CPR saves patient ... never give up! VIDEO

LVAD's in the community (video)

LUCAS CPR device

  Circulatory system PPT Cardiovascular emergencies PPT
1 rescuer CPR AHA VIDEO 2 person CPR with AED AHA VIDEO Coronary Artery Disease   VIDEO
What happens during a heart attack ... Coronary Artery Disease  VIDEO

What casuses a heart attack VIDEO

Triple bypass surgery (Graphic)   VIDEO

Bypass surgery animation and explanation video

New ways to survive a Cardiac Arrest - CNN article Heart Attack VIDEO explanation and animation AED PPT


CPR quick reference sheet BLS CPR for HCP Reference Page Mr. Bean demonstrates CPR and AED use Video
CPR Instructional Videos

Scroll to bottom right of page

AED Training video


Video on AED use with scenario

WAV file

Normal Heart Beat

Echocardiogram video - cardiology lecture Videos of each heart chamber Heart Function VIDEO
CNN Article on school defibrillators Anatomy + Physiology of the Human Heart "Pumps your blood" song by Potsie on HAPPY DAYS

Pump your blood

Audio only

EKG Site The heart's electrical system Diagram of the cardiovascular system
Diagram of the heart CPR SIMULATOR and self test Virtual CPR and accident scenes
Myocardial Infarction                                    (definition, causes, symptoms etc) Heart Disease (Coronary Artery Disease)             Pictures Slideshow Diagnosis Wenckeback song
CPR to STAYIN ALIVE by the Bee Gees GMA newscast   Another one Bites the dust
Fla. paramedics save collapsed teen athlete Know when to Defibrillate funny VIDEO Satyin' alive funny commercial
CPR save article AdultCPR illustrated in 3 steps  VIDEO

Child CPR illustrated   VIDEO

CPR Info and videos

Practice on line EXAM - cardiology




**Heart Attack VIDEO explanation and animation

CPR Saves Lives  VIDEO

CPR intro 2010AHA Guidelines

**CPR Skills  and Cardiac Arrest info VIDEO

What happens during a heart attack ... Coronary Artery Disease  VIDEO

What casuses a heart attack VIDEO

The CPR Hula song VIDEO

Putting it all together

Case scenario and demonstration VIDEO


VIDEO Customer choking on food in restaurant saved by worker

Adult CPR

AdultCPR illustrated in 3 steps  VIDEO

Hands only CPR    class of 1970 reunion  Ken Jeong Video

CAB review VIDEO

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft 

Coronary artery disease  animation


Know when to Defibrillate funny VIDEO

Dangerous electricity video

Child CPR

Child CPR Video

Child CPR illustrated   VIDEO

CPR Info and videos

Infant CPR

Infant Choking Video part 2


CPR age 0-1 video


Infant choking video

Mr. Bean demonstrates CPR and AED use Video Conscious Adult Choking

Infant Choking

1 rescuer CPR with AED


ABC GMA CPR Story Video

Another one Bites the dust

GMA ABC New CPR (why) Video

Stayin' Alive CPR words

Hey there drug seeker


50 ways to get pain meds

Song of a frequent flyer

Hello Haldol


Candy man

Ativan and Geodon

ACLS Changes  

Endocrine Emergencies

Chapter 19 PPT 13e Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
Chapter 21 PPT 12e Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status


MH PPT Chapter 20 Endocrine Disorders
Diabetes Overview  VIDEO What does diabetes do to our body  VIDEO Diabetes Treatment drugs  VIDEO
Blood glucose monitoring  VIDEO Diabetes PPT Oral Glucose PPT
Diabetic alert dog video Diabetes Mellitus  background and information Glucose Song

Neurological Emergencies

Chapter 21 Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status   MH PPT Chapter 19 Neurological Disorders
Chap 15 PPT Recovery Position video Stroke
Peter Griffin suffers a stroke IschemicStroke animation VIDEO

Hemmorhagic stroke

Stroke explanation lecture  VIDEO



Brady 19/AAOS 9e Diabetic Emergencies PPT start with slide #43

Coma, Seizure and Stroke PPT

Migraine Headache

Headache Pictures Slideshow: Surprising Headache and Migraine Triggers

A spoonful of stroke - music video


You Tube video "How it feels to have a stroke"


National Stroke Association PPT  Strokes and TIA's  by Ex-Lt. Nikole Gray RN, EMT  Stroke PPT  Dr. Butterfass CME 2/3/2011
Strokes in a nutshell VIDEO

Stroke explanation- video

What does a stroke do VIDEO Stroke cartoon VIDEO



Christine Lowe Seizure video

Person Faking a seizure and all other ailments VIDEO
Partial vs.General Seizures  VIDEO Child Seizure Video

Immunologic Emergencies

Chap 20 PPT 13e Allergic Reaction
Chapter 22 PPT 12e Allergic Reactions Allergy Song (Brittany Spears TOXIC)

Ooey ooey allergies The Wiggles

Anaphylaxis Immunology VIDEO  NCLEX

Anphylactic shock treatment VIDEO NCLEX

PUP anaphylaxis song

Allergic rxn explanation VIDEO Med SKL

Insect Stings and Bites VIDEO Med SKL

MH PPT Chapter 27 Immunology
epi pen demonstration  Video

epi deomo from manufactorer video

Stings and Bites PPT

Rattlesnake bite PPT

Brady 20/AAOS 9e Allergic Reactions PPT

Allergic Rxn FLASH CARDS

Brown recluse Spider bite video

Spider Bite PICTURES

Insect Bite pictures

Marine Trauma and Envenomations PPT Dr. Butterfass - Director PHC ED Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spider slideshow    insect and patient pictures and information  
Bad Bugs Pictures Slideshow: Identify Bugs and Their Bites Scabies Pictures Slideshow: Stop the Itch Mite Skin Pictures Slideshow: Adult Skin Problems poison ivy
Allergic rxns pictures    


Chapter 21 PPT 13e Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
Chapter 23 PPT 12e Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies What drugs do to your body  Video documentary with Robin Williams (Discovery Channel)

Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland video

Spiders on drugs

VIDEO BBC reporter     A reporter too close to the story - Burning Drugs   News Bloopers - people on drugs

VIDEO of 911 call news report     I Think we're dying - Brownies
MH PPT Chapter 28 Toxicology
  Overdose PPT

Poisoning and OD PPT

Drug Swallowing PPT  Dr. Butterfass PHC ED Director
Jacqui's PPT

Jacqui Saburido PPT and site

Jacqui's story DWI  
Opiates Ecstacy Data Info on Prescription Drugs
Intoximeter Drink Wheel

See Mr. Revenson's Forensics web site for additional toxicology web sites of interest

Patients Under the Influence PPT Pt's on PCP - VIDEO

Drugs make you ugly

Most Dangerous Drug - National Geo


Gastrointestinal Emergencies

Chapter 22 PPT 13e Abdominal Emergencies
Chapter 24 PPT 12e Abdominal Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 23 Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Brady 18/AAOS 9e Acute Abdomen PPT

Acute Abdomen PPT  

Psychiatric Emergencies

Chapter 23 PPT 13e Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide.
Chapter 25 PPT 12e Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide EMS/FD/PD PTSD PPT Video MH PPT Chapter 29 Psychiatric Disorders

Brady 23/AAOS 9e Behavioral Emergencies PPT

What is PTSD video  5 types of PTSD Psychiatric emergencies PPT
Gun shot from EDP's hand in standoff with PD - VIDEO Under pressure - Homeless Man with 2 Kermits Firefighter kicks suicidal woman to safety - VIDEO
Depression Pictures Slideshow Depression Overview Pictures Slideshow: Symptoms, Types, Tests & Treatment

EMS attacked at gas station - video
PTSD patient attacks paramedic - VIDEO

EDP attacks EMS - video

Psychopaths?  TED video    

Urologic Emergencies

Chapter 24 PPT 13e Hematologic and Renal Emergencies
Chapter 26 PPT 12e Hematological and Renal Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 24 Genitourinary and Renal Disorders

Section 5

Trauma Emergencies
KBHVAC Burns.ppt 2 26 14.ppt

Bleeding and Shock

Chapter 25 PPT 13e Bleeding and Shock

PCBES SU20 chap 25 edition PPT

Pumps your blood - Happy Days
Mr. W's Circulatory System Rap
The Heart Song
How Oxygen Travels Through Your Body song

Animal Heart A+P
Human Circulatory heart
How The Heart Works 3D video
Khan Academy:  What is shock video series

"Dirty Medicine" Video Series Types of Shock

"Med Cram" video - Shock Explained Clearly

"Ninja Nerd Science" video - Types of shock, chart
MH PPT Chapter 32 Shock

MH PPT Chapter 34 Bleeding and Soft Tissue Trauma


Chapter 27 PPT 12e Bleeding and Shock

Buffalo Sabre's Clint Malarchuck EJ bleed

Cardiac A+P ( WARNING Gross Anatomy)

How the heart works VIDEO

Exploring the Heart - The Circulatory System! video

LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) No Pulse

School House Rock CIRCULATION

Heart Ciculation PUMPS YOUR BLOOD  Happy Days version

Black Eyed Peas .. PUMP IT

Circulation song (grenade)

Circulation rap song

Brady 26 /AAOS 9e Bleeding and Shock PPT

Bleeding and Shock PPT
Bleeding + treatment

Military Tourniquet Application video


How Does Blood Clot - VIDEO Bleeding Control Shock mgmt skills VIDEO Tourniquet use - VIDEO

How to apply a tourniquet - video "The Dr's"

Application of a tourniquet - combat T



    MH PPT Chapter 31 Hematology

Soft-Tissue Injuries

Chapter 26 PPT 13e Soft Tissue Trauma
Brady 27/AAOS 9e Soft Tissue Injuries PPT

Chapter 28 PPT  12eSoft Tissue Trauma

Soft Tissue Injuries PPT

Traumatic Amputation PPT
Jacqui Saburido Story - VIDEO

Jacqui Recently VIDEO
Burns PPT

Skin cell gun - experimental burn treatment

Burn Classification and Treatment - video

Burns PPT by Dr. van der Steeg PHC

Trauma Burns 2  PPT

Burns and treatment Handout by N. Gray RN Burns PPT   

Burns and treatment video


Chest Injuries

Chapter 27 PPT 13e Chest and Abdominal Trauma
Chapter 29 PPT 12e Chest and Abdominal Trauma Chest Trauma PPT MH PPT Chapter 35 Chest Trauma
Thoracic Trauma PPT Flail Chest, video 2  Video

Chest Trauma   Video
Decompressing pnemo video

Chest Trauma pneumothrorax Video

Occlusive Dressing - Video

Chest Injuries Video

Nightwatch (Dan)  GSW

Nightwatch (Dan and Titus)  Stabbing  video

Clinical Cases - video

Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries

    MH PPT Chapter 36 Abdominal and Genitourinary Trauma
Abdominal / GU Trauma PPT Song of the Colorectal surgeon  

Orthopaedic Injuries

Chapter 28 PPT 13e Musculoskeletal Trauma
Chapter 30 PPT 12e Muscular Skeletal Trauma Freeway Patrol Episode 5 - MOI Video

Court Animations - MOI video
MH PPT Chapter 37 Orthopedic Trauma
Brady 28/AAOS 9e Muscular skeletal Injuries PPT

Medical Animation - Joint injury and reconstruction - VIDEO

Open Fractures PPT pictures Traction Splinting 6C Skills VIDEO

Long Bone Injury splinting 6A Skills VIDEO

Joint immobilization 6B skills VIDEO

Medical Animation - HEAL_ Ghost Trauma VIDEO Creating a sling Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Pictures Slideshow: Are Your Bones at Risk?


Nontraumatic Muscularskeletal Disorders

    MH PPT Chapter 26 Review of Musculoskeletal system

Head and Spine Injuries

Chapter 29 PPT 13e Trauma to the Head, Neck, and SPine

Chapter 31 PPT 12e Trauma to the Head, Neck, and Spine Head and Spine Trauma PPT

Head and Facial Trauma PPT
Muscular Skeletal System PPT
Herniated Disc GHOST productions video    

Face and Neck Injuries

    MH PPT Chapter 38 Head, Face, Neck, and Spine Trauma

Chapter 39 Special Considerations in Trauma

Eyes, Face, and Neck Trauma PPT

Brady 29 /AAOS 9e Injuries to the Head and Spine PPT

(Stye, Hordeolum)

Face and eye Trauma PPT

Swimmer's Ear Infection
(External Otitis)

Anatomy of an Ear Infection Pictures Slideshow



Diseases of the Nose

    MH PPT Chapter 30 Diseases of the Nose

Multisystem Trauma

Chapter 30 PPT 13e Multisystem Trauma
Chapter 32 PPT 12e Multisystem Trauma

Kinematics of Trauma PPT
Millbrook MVA PPT
MVA Rollover I684 PPT
Pictorial view of Trauma  PPT
 Traumatic Amputation  PPT
MH PPT Chapter 41 Multisystem Trauma
Glascow Coma Scale GCS video    

Environmental Emergencies

Chapter 31 PPT 13e Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 33 PPT 12e Environmental Emergencies Frostbite Story PPT MH PPT Chapter 40 Environmental Emergencies
Brady 22/AAOS 9e Environmental Emergencies PPT Heat and Cold Exposure PPT Burns and Treatment    by Lt. Nikole Gray, EMT, Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department
Frostbite Picture PPT (From facebook .. thanks to Fernando Manila) Drowning and Diving Emergencies PPT KBHVAC Hypothermia PPT

“Cool It”: Therapeutic Hypothermia for Recovery of Neurologic Function in High Risk Patients Following Cardiac Arrest  PPT

New Autoinjector for seizure patients VIDEO Hypothermia -VIDEO

Hypothermia , UPDATE - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim


What happens when you freeze to death?  VIDEO

Hyperthermia - video

News report - video

Hyperthermia vs fever - video

Section 6

Special Populations

Gynecological Emergencies

Chapter 32 PPT 13e Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies
Chapter 34 PPT 12e Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 25 Gynecologic Disorders
Brady 24/AAOS 9e OB GYN PPT OB / GYN PPT Trauma in Pregnancy PPT



MH PPT Chapter 42 Obstetrics

Brady 24 /AAOS 9e OB GYN PPT

Salt N Pepa on Childbirth

Childbirth and stages of labor- video

Preganant man gives birth to girl

Thomas Beatie - The Pregnant Man - video

Expecting second child 20/20 video

Cildbirth - The "Musical" Video


C-Section Video and newborn care (NOT graphic)

Childbirth animation

Baby crowning animation

AAOS Chap 31 OB/GYN and Childbirth

Trauma in Pregnancy PPT

Labor + Delivery Info and video discussions on topics Childbirth + Delivery diagrams Childbirth Education
Week By week pregnancy information Childbirth.org website Man Gives Birth JK
Early Pregnancy Symptoms Pictures Slideshow Childbirth Animation VIDEO  Vaginal Child Birth animation - video
Conjoined twins turn 16 - TLC video    

Pediatric Emergencies

Chapter 33 PPT 13e Pediatric Emergencies
Chapter 35 PPT 12e Pediatric Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 44 Pediatrics

Neonatal Care

    MH PPT Chapter 43 Neonatal Care

Geriatric Emergencies

Chapter 34 PPT 13e Geriatric Emergencies
Chapter 36 PPT 12e Geriatric Emergencies   MH PPT Chapter 45 Older Adults

Patients With Special Challenges

Chapter 35 PPT 13e Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges
Chapter 37 PPT 12e Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges LVAD  video

Living with an LVAD  video

LVAD insertion surgery

MH PPT Chapter 46 Patients with Special Challenges

Section 7

EMS Operations


Chapter 36 PPT 13e EMS Operations
Chapter 38 PPT 12e EMS Operations Ambulance collision video

Due Regard - Intersection accidents - video
MH PPT Chapter 47 Priciples of Emergency Response and Transportation

Chapter 50 Air Medical Transport

Driver Training

Aeromedical Operations PPT Ambulance operations PPT
BMW and Ambulance collide VIDEO Brady 33 /AAOS 9e Amb OPS PPT  

Hazardous Materials

Chapter 37 PPT 13e Hazardous Materials, Multiple Casualty Incidents, and Incident Management.
HAZ MAT on-line course (Print Certificate) open "Course Material" and open "Take Final Exam on-line".  Print and bring to class OR E-mail me the certificate when complete

Take ICS 100 ICS 700, and ICS 5 on line

Chapter 39 PPT 12e Hazardous Materials, Multiple Casualty Incidents, and Incident Management. MH PPT Chapter 52 Haz-Mat Awareness
Placard Labeling System HAZ MAT Awareness PPT Haz Mat Incidents PPT
AAOS 39ish Hazardous Materials.ppt AAOS Chapter39 WMD.ppt Sad Video - Policeman killed by ammonia gas leak from accident

Incident Management

  Take ICS 100 ICS 700, and ICS 5 MH PPT Chapter 48 Incident Managment

Chapter 49 Multiple-Casualty Incidents

MCI Triage

MCI - In song - Video

Major Incident Response PPT Triage Tutorial Video

START Triage training VIDEO

Crime Scene Operations PPT    

Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue

Chapter 38  PPT 13e Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication
Chapter 40 PPT 12e Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication   MH PPT Chapter 51 Vehicle Extrication

Loaded Bumper explosion (1:17 into video)

Emergency response RAP VIDEO Haz Mat Training 3/22/2012
Extrication and Rescue PPT Extrication - You Tube video PPT Brady 34/AAOS 9e Gaining Access PPT

Brady 35/AAOS 9e Rescue OPS PPT


Terrorism Response and Disaster Management

Chapter 39 PPT 13e  EMS Repsonse to Terrorism
Chapter 41 PPT 12e EMS Repsonse to Terrorism   MH PPT Chapter 53 Terrorism and Disaster Response
FEMA photo library Bio-terrorism and WMD - PPT

PPT by Dr. J. van der Steeg


Brady 36/AAOS 9e Terrorism PPT
terrorism PPT Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction PPT  



ALS Assist

Airway and EKG   Brady 37/AAOS 9e Advanced Airway Management PPT

Diseases and Ailments

Precancerous Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer Pictures Slideshow Boils Pictures Slideshow Sinusitis Pictures Slideshow: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
Fibromyalgia Pictures Slideshow: Photos of Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms & Treatment Infectious Mononucleosis Pictures Slideshow Hyperthyroidism Pictures Slideshow: Keep Your Thyroid in Check
Quit-Smoking Pictures Slideshow: 13 Tips to End Your Addiction Ringworm Pictures Slideshow: A Collection of Photos Human Immunodeficiency Virus
(HIV Management)

AIDS Retrospective Pictures Slideshow: A Pictorial Timeline of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

(Cirrhosis of the Liver)

Hepatitis C

"Pigs Didn't Start the Swine Flu" Parody song  


Calhoon Community College Paramedic Resource page of notes and quizzes Temple University - Power point presentations on multiple topics  
On-line exams and training from Rescue Exams New York Hospitals - Listed by county.  Address, phone, we site Maine DPS resources

EMS in the News

EMT charged in Fatal ambulance accident EMT's save HS teen athlete Click here for more NEWS articles
Line of Duty Death 11/07/2007

 Matthew Lamb Carmel FD and Carmel VAC as well as  Empire State Ambulance.

Slide show by Frank Becerra Jr. of the Journal News

RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) enlarged in military personel's leg.  VIDEO of STORY Teens die after MVA rollover.  Emergency services sued for not finding victims.  Click on AUDIO
  Forklift removes 900 pound man from home.

 CNN Video  


Pictures by Local EMS providers

Armonk MVA MHS Bon Fire, Bedford Tree into car, Chappaqua MVA on SMRP NB N of 120 62 Minute Extrication - House of Cludder

First Aid Info

UMM an overview of first aid  First Aid algorhythms Rescue 411 a HS web site from NJ on First aid
    First aid topics and procedures. 



Power points

Courtesy EMS staff at TEMPLE University
Intro to emergency care Legal / Ethical Aspects                 Medical-legal aspects of EMS The Human Body
Patient Assessment Vital signs Respiratory system
Management of Airway and Breathing Circulatory system Cardiovascular emergencies
Pharmacology Aspirin Nitroglycerine
Well being of the EMT Communications Records and reports
Intro to Trauma Kinematics and Mechanism Initial Trauma Assessment
Bleeding and Shock P.A.S.G. Soft Tissue Injuries
Muscular Skeletal System Head and Spine Trauma Thoracic Trauma
Abdominal / GU Trauma Eyes, Face, and Neck Trauma Burns
Trauma in Pregnancy Pediatric Trauma Geriatric Trauma
Patients Under the Influence Trauma Patient Assessment Trauma Scoring
Multi-System Trauma    
Pharmacology Dyspnea Bronchodilators
Diabetes Oral Glucose Coma, Seizure and Stroke
Acute Abdomen Poison / Overdose Stings and Bites
Heat and Cold Exposure Drowning and Diving Emergencies Communicable Disease
Psychiatric emergencies Geriatric Emergencies OB / GYN
Ambulance operations Aeromedical Operations Crime Scene Operations
Extrication and Rescue Major Incident Response  
  Anatomy and Physiology power points Anatomy and Physiology PPT's
Blood Digestive System Heart
Immune System Lymphatic System Respiratory system
Urinary System Vessels  
Autonomic Nervous system Central Nervous System Handout Endocrine System
Muscles Nervous Tissue