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September 2018

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How to write a lab report
Welcome to SUPA Forensics!

Have Class Expectations signed.

Follow registration instructions given in class.  Log on and register!

CHE 113
Ref# 30399
Sec# 183
History Of Forensic Science - Chapter 1

Bertino PPT
Chapter 1

Intro to FS PPT

Colleyville HS Intro to FS PPT

Chapter 1 checklist
Chapter 1 skills
HW: Outline Chapter 1 in textbook.  Using bullet points is fine.

Follow registration instructions given in class.  Log on and register! DUE Thursday
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Rosh Hashana

L'Shana Tova שנה טובה5779



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Tr0u35Tek AA Flight 11 call from flight attendant #3 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLW0jKKRXMo First 5 min TOWER

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP51TrbyfsI FDNY Chief Orio Palmer

class notes - chicken floats video Questions

Observations! Practical experiment.


Observations practice. 

Class notes:
How well did you do on the video?

 Selective attention test

Eyewitness basics PPT

Observations lab - The Rogue Penny Due Friday 9/21

Factors affecting preception.


I pre-plan the weeks lessons here.  After class, I adjust the wen site to reflect what we did and move items around.  This allows you to see what's coming up.
Finish Observations lab - The Rogue Penny Lab report DUE FRIDAY.  Follow guidelines discussed in class.  Be specific with your class and individual characterisitcs and points of minutae.

How to write a lab report


List/discuss Factors affecting preception.

Eyewitness basics PPT


Yom Kippur

Class Notes: Witness questions.  Witness vs. expert witness.

Frye and Daubert Standards


Frye and Daubert State standards for admissability in court

Frye's Backstory

Frye case and the history of the polygraph

Frye case

Daubert case summary

Class notes: Frye vs. Daubert.  Direct vs. Indirect evidence. Locard's Exchange principle.

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Historic Development

Warranted vs. warrentless searches

You've been stopped and arrested for DWI ... now smile for the mug shot???  Woman   Man

Leandra's Law

Bertillion Measurements Lab

Lab Background 

 Lab pictures PPT

Will West Case PPT

crime scene computer recreation

How to write a lab report

Bertillion Lab Data sheet

Bertillion data card

Incarcerated twins story.  Who's telling the truth.  Did he really blame his brother OR is he trying to get his brother out of prison since he has a life sentence?

Chapter 2 PPT
Recording/preserving the crime scene

HW DUE : 1)Outline chapter 2.
2) Bertillion Lab write up.   Lab and Background 

Follow lab write up guidelines discussed in class.  How to write a lab report

Crime Scene PPT

Chapter 2 PPT
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