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Chemistry General Resources

The Magic of Chemistry - Andrew Syzdlo - video 200 ways to pass the Chem regents
CK-12 online resources Mr. Guch's Web site - Lots of great stuff!
REVIEW PPT by Mr. Rosengarten

Video Chemsitry

2011 Chemistry Reference Tables


Reference Table Scavenger hunt Regents review LIVE - video Science Joy Wagon
  Old Chem Regents EXAMS
Chemistry Jeopardy  
  How to write a lab report.
SAT CHEM - Spark notes review and practice SAT exam Old Regents exams with explanations  
GED Chem Quiz on-line temperature converter
Chem Tutor online Chem Resources
Tutorials from Australia HS  
Chem topic notes and practice tests, labs, and other resources Evan's Chemistry Corner - GREAT TEACHER RESOURCE
Chem 101 A-Z  
  ANIMATIONS and resources
History of Chemistry  
On a date?  What to do until the food comes.  Make a good "chem" impression  
VIRTUAL CHEMISTRY LABS MANAH MANAH SONG Drive your friends and family CRAZY- a slow download..but worth it!!

Basic Math Help

  FLM Tutorial
Dimentional Analysis  
YOUTUBE Dimentional Analysis Dimensional analysis review
CONVERSION LINK ... everything English to metric FLM Problem set
  Logarithm review
Significant Figure Quiz - on line  
Significant Digits Handout  
Significant digit review                    on-line applet review quiz Basic Algebra review
Scientific Notation  self test Metric Quiz
Scientific notation review Manipulation of exponents
Worked out problems - all topics  
Quadratic equation  


States of matter : Solid, Liquid, Gas comparison Elements vs. Compounds vs. Mixtures
Microscopic view of liquids NOTES on matter
Elements and Atoms - KHAN ACADEMY  
Scientific Method quiz - on line Classifying properties Quiz - on line
Classifying Matter Quiz - on line  
Quia Quiz - Physical vs. Chemical change and properties  Properties Change video
Law of Conservation VIDEO Mr. Rosengarten Chapter 1 PPT     Zumdal INTRO to chem PPT
Classification of matter VIDEO


Density explanation - pictoral

 Density Lab                 Density PPT

Density and the big COKE vs. Diet COKE caper Chem Lab glassware
Nobel Prizes in chemistry  

Chap 1+2 Review cards

Chapter 1+2 Jeopardy Game on-line

Atomic Theory

Basic Atomic Structure - Atoms and Ions - Tutorial

Bill Nye the science guy explains ATOMS Video

Protons, Neutron, Electrons, and Isotopes video

Structure of atoms FLASH CARDS          Dalton's Theory - What are atoms?

Atomic Theory  Worksheet Packet

Quantum Theory, Rutherford, CRT's, Spectroscopy, Aufbau, Quantum #'s, isoelectric series, valence electrons - Tutorial

How Small is an Atom? - video
NOTES - Atoms and Ions NOTES - Quantum Theory
NOTES - electrons in atoms Mr. Rosengarten - ground state vs. excited state electrons VIDEO

Atoms Rosengarten Music Video

Atomic Structure worksheet

What is an atom?

Basic Atomic Structure - Atoms and Ions - Tutorial

NOTES - Atoms and Ions

NOTES - electrons in atoms

Atoms and ions PPT

Structure of the atom

Bohr orbitals Khan video


Makeup of atoms FLASH CARDS

Number of neutrons

electron dot diagrams wkst

Atomic Structure  Study Cards

Number of neutrons  wkst

Analyzing the Bohr Atom wkst

Review of Atomic Theory

Atomic theories - movie

Atomic Theory Review

Atomic Theory Quiz - on line

Atomic Theory Interactive Quiz

Atomic Theory Study guide (3 pages .)

Drawing Lewis Dot structures video tutorial

atomic theory PPT

Dalton Biography

Cathode ray Tube experiment

Thompson and Rutherford - Tutorial

Rutherford's Model of the atom

Rutherford's Gold Foil ExperimentJAVA

Rutherford - biography of his work + life

Rutherford Experiment - Tutorial

Rutherford's experiment movie

  ROY G BIV Song
Atomic Theory Interactive Quiz  
Spectral colors  
DeName's Spectrum Site Spectral Lines..interactive
  Average atomic weights
Atomic orbitals - tutorial and pictures Lewis symbols and octet rule
Element ID and emission spectra + flame test JAVA  
Atomic theory "SNAPCAST" Movie - spectral lines Emission and absorption spectra of all elements
PODCAST Atomic Theory Chapter  
electron configuration SCREENCAST  
  electron configuration Periodic Table  spdf
Dalton's Theorems APPLET

Dalton's Theory - What are atoms?

Atomic Theory PPT Cathode ray Tube experiment
More ATOMIC APPLETS Atomic Theory Review
s,p,d,f of the elements What does s,p,d,f, stand for?
electron configuration Structure of the atom
e- configuration filling tutorial -SHOCKWAVE  
Atomic Theory Quiz - on line  

Periodic Table

Investigating the Periodic Table with experiments - video

Khan Video - Groups on the Periodic Table

Khan Video ionization energy tutorial

The Periodic Table: A Crash Course - video

PT Worksheet PACKET
notes packet
Meet the elements song

Video tour of the PT

Drawing Lewis Dot structures video tutorial

PT song - updated - video

PT explained - video

Periodic Trends - Tutorial NOTES - Periodic Table
Periodic Table    Color          blank ****CHEMISTRY REFERENCE TABLES ****
Mr. Rosengarten - Groups on PT VIDEO  
Elements Song Feel free to sing along  
Periodic Table Info History of the Periodic table+ links
Periodic Table History tutorial Groups on the Periodic Table INFO Click on group name on right side of page.
PT exercise - Groupings  
Comic Book Periodic Table Periodic Table and Element Information
Jared Sach's find:  webelement page Chemical Element Info-interactive
  ***Essays on the Elements ***
  Element Photos
  Element photo gallery
Electron Configuration review  
  Periodic Trends Explained
Metals interactive Quiz  
Elements named after people Elements named after places

Naming Compounds

Naming compounds video tutorial

Naming compounds part 2 video tutorial

Naming Compounds Packet
Chemical Nomeclature - Tutorial NOTES - Molecules and Compounds
DYNAMIC PRACTICE - Naming compounds with a fixed charge Dynamic Practice - Naming Hydrated compounds
Dynamic Practice - Naming binary compounds containing a metal ion with a variable charge Dynamic Practice - Naming ionic compounds containing polyatomic ions
Polyatomic ion quiz - on line Classifying compounds quiz - on line
Interpreting Formulas quiz - on line  
Tutorial + self quiz: Name to formula Tutorial + self quiz: formula to name
Tutorial + quiz: Stock system  
  Naming compounds interactive quiz


Want to make a product music video A beginners guide to balancing chemical equations - video tutorial
Ionic equations quiz - on line NOTES - Chemical Change
TUTORIAL Balancing equations Tutorial on balancing equations
Chemical Reactions and Equations Balancing equations wkst    1     2     3
Quia quiz balancing equations Balancing and types of equations worksheet
Balancing equations on line practice click on "Give me one" on left by bomb online balancing practice
TUTORIAL - Types of chemical equations Six types of chemical reactions
QUIA Types of reactions RXNS

Mole Web Sites

Khan - Mole and Stoichiometry video Mole  PACKET

Balancing Equations, Types of reactions, and Stoichiometry packet
Mole Calculations - Tutorial Stoichiometry - Balancing and LR's - Tutorial
NOTES - The Mole
Self Quiz: Moles<--> grams  
Molarity calculation   

KHAN ACADEMY Stoichiometrty

Limiting reagent problems and explanations
Limiting reagent tutorial How to calculate Mass % composition
Limiting Reagent   wkst     ans  
KHAN ACADEMY Empirical Formula lesson with sample problem VIDEO  
BALANCING equations with a forensic twist Balancing  


Bonding and Molecular Geometry - Tutorial Bonding PACKET

Ionic Bonding lecture review video Part 2   part 3

Polar vs Non-polar MOLECULES

VSEPR Molecular shapes video Part 2  Part 3 Octahedral  Advanced practice problems

Bonding review in SONG (rock with Mr. Edmonds Bond song)

Dogs teach bonding (Ionic and Covalent) video

Atomic Bonding Song video - song showing transfer/sharing of electrons and metallic bonding.

Atomic Bonding song

Isn't it Ionic Song  by Alanis Mole-set

Molecular Geometry and Bonding on-line quizzes IMF's and Phase changes - Tutorial
Drawing Lewis structures Intermolecular forces of attraction tutorial
VSEPR rules and examples Exceptions to the octet rule
metallic bonding Molecular polarity
Intermolecular forces Hydrogen bonding
Sigma and pi bond formation  
Intermolecular forces Dipole-Dipole
Hydrogen Bonding Ion-Dipole
Induced Dipole forces London Dispersion Forces

Heat Calculations, Enthalpy, Entropy (Thermochemistry)

Flanders and Swan - Song about Heat Energy as well as the first and second law of thermodynamics

What is Entropy? video

Illustrating Entropy Video

Thermodynamics packet

Heating Curve  Rosengarten Video

Endo/Exo What's the Diff?  Rosengarten Video

Thermodynamics - Tutorial NOTES- Energy and Chemical Change
Virtual calorimeter - many metals Specific Heat examples of certain metals and calculations
Entropy - Wikipedia Enthalpy - tutorial
Gibbs Free Energy Chemical Thermodynamics and Gibbs
Thermodynamic calculator - Interactive Calorimetry - Mr. Rosengarten VIDEO
Potential vs. Kinetic energy Mr. Rosengarten VIDEO  

Gas Laws


Gases - Tutorial
NOTES - Gases
Barometer Manometer                       SONG
Effects of temperature and pressure on a liquid Worksheets
Gas Law PPT A plethora of Gas Law animations and worksheets
  Interactive Quiz
P+V relationship applet PV/T relationship animation  all labs
Can crushing demo Movie  Train car  
Gas laws Gas Law applets
Gas law "Program" Virtual lab for gas laws
Gas law sample math problems History of the Gas Laws
Every day life examples of Gas Law use on-line Gas Law quiz
wkst      ans      work shown Gas law simulation lab
ideal gas law animation  
Critical Temperature and Pressure Triple Point Diagrams
Gas Laws Quiz - on line  
Vapor pressure - CRT table H

Vapor pressure of acetone explanation of VP with diagrams

Vapor pressure lecture explanation with pictures - KHAN ACADEMY video

Vapor pressure notes

FLASH Video- Vapor pressure

Diffusion vs. Effusion

Effusion vs. Diffusion Balloon VIDEO

SAT Chem effusion, Diffusion, Collisions PPT


Solutions, suspensions, colloids, colligative properties

Solutions packet

Solution Chemistry - Tutorial

Dilution tutorial VIDEO

Dilution PICTORAL tutorial

Solution Music video - Mark Rosengarten
What is a solution Properties and demos phenomena
Overview + notes Interactive review questions
Solution, suspension, colloid pictures Solution and mixtures definitions and explanations (pictures)
Summary table Mixtures and solutions - Homogeneous and heterogeneous
Practice questions MC and essay along with explanations Interactive Java applet - solubility of a salt
Lab Tyndall Effect picture


What are colligative properties What is vapor pressure?
What is boiling Freezing
Surface Tension Colligative Property picture
Colligative properties part1 VIDEO

Colligative properties part 2 VIDEO

Vapor pressure lowering  
Boiling point elevation Freezing point depression

Reactions Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium

Reaction Kinetics - Tutorial

Equilibrium VIDEO Tutorial

Equilibrium Packet

Chemical Equilibria - Tutorial
Writing Equilibrium Expressions Kc  and Kp Dynamic Chemical Equilibrium Questions
Equilibrium PPT Equilibrium Video
Equilibrium Tutorial video Rates of reaction music video
Equilibrium constant explanation Flash explanation
LeChatlier's Tutorial Lechatlier's Principle VIDEO lesson
LeChatlier's Principle On-Line QUIZ Balance Video explanation of LeChatelier's Principle

Acids, Bases, Salts

Acids, Bases, Salts (ABS) worksheet packet

Acids and Bases - Tutorial
Resistant to base - You tube Music Video (Robert Palmer parody)

All about that base song

Acids and Bases have 2 different faces SONG

Applets Dynamic Acid-Base Questions

Conjugate acid-base pair tutorial

SPARK notes on conjugate acid-base pairs

KHAN academy video on acids and bases and conjugates (FIND HIS ERROR WITH THE FIRST EXAMPLE...)

Conjugate acids and bases You tube VIDEO

Lewis acid/Base tutorial

Lewis Acid/Base video tutorial

Lewis A/B lesson Video

Acid and Base basics; pH=-log[H+] video

pH,pOH,[H+],[OH-] calculations video

  Hydrolysis of salts and pH
Acid / Base Indicators Notes on Acids and Bases
Acid / Bases Terms and Concepts Acids and bases - Intro with pictures
Blood buffer Naming    wkst      ans
Review sheet  
ABS PPT      Advanced PPT    Equilib PPT ABS web site
WORKSHEETS naming acids  acid - base theory     Interpreting pH     Neutralization rxns     Titration  Acid Base or Salt ABS PPT

Redox and

Electrochem REDOX PACKET


LEO goes GER video Why elements have oxidation numbers (Lego story)

Oxidation # PPT

Electrochemsitry PPT

Redox Reactions - Tutorial

Types of REDOX reactions  and balancing by REDOX Tutorial

REDOX tutorial VIDEO

Redox reactions Video tutorial

Redox PPT

Redox Reactions - Tutorial

REDOX - Chemtutor

Introduction to REDOX PPT

Electrochemistry - Tutorial

Electrochemistry - Tutorial

Electrolytic cell VIDEO

Cu/Zn Electrochemical cell flash video

Electrochem animations Mr. Rosengarten - Electrochemistry video
Who is who in an electrochemical cell Mr. Rosengarten VIDEO FLASH DANCE? electrolytic cell parady song

Zn in a Cu(II) solution

Pb in Ag solution

Galvanic cell

Electrochemical Cell potential simulation

Concentration - cells simulation

electrochem/Thermo Standard Potential Table

Constructing a concentration cell

SHE - Cu cell (std hydrogen electrode = SHE)

SHE - Zn cell

Zn - Cu cell

Zinc - carbon battery

Car battery  1 2

Flashlight battery

How a Fuel cell works

Battery Thermodynamics

Comparing electrochemical vs. electrolytic cells

Electrochemical vs. Electrolytic CLASS NOTES

Electrochemical picture

Who is who in an electrochemical cell Mr. Rosengarten VIDEO

Eelctrolytic (electroplating) picture

Electroplating - movie

Electrolysis simulation

Electrolysis tutorial and animation

Redox Quizzes and answers

Concept check -on line

Redox questions with Hints and answers on line

MC Electrochem, thermo, std potential table

MC Electrochem and half reactions

MC Balancing half reactions

Electroplating - movie

Electrolysis simulation

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Packet

How a nuclear reactor works - VIDEO
Popular Science Nuclear Reactor and Fukushima Di-ichi article and VIDEO
Nuclear Video  You Tube Cut-away view of a nuclear reactor VIDEO
Nuclear power station - VIDEO Nuclear FISSION animation
Nuclear animation

Schematic and video of a pressurized water reactor

Nuclear properties + applets

Nuclear Binding Energy (also Fission and Fusion)

Einstein on-line...The whole is NOT equal to the sum of the parts

Nuclear Chemistry - Tutorial Radiochemistry PPT    Courtesy Westchester County Labs
Interactive Nuclear Reactor...Don't be a Homer Simpson How nuclear power works      second site
The basics of nuclear energy Nuclear history (pictures of scientists as well)
Nuclear explosion pictures Nuclear Bomb
Power plant schematic Nuclear power - crib sheet
Radioactivity      nuclear energy Belt of stability
Application of nuclear Expansion of the universe
Decay and the Belt of Stability
Nuclear Tutorial Fusion Slide show
What is a neutron bomb? History of the Atomic Bomb (Fission and Fusion)
Applet on nuclear particles PPT

Radioactivity song


Organic Chemistry

Organic PACKET
Organic packet
Organic tutorial

Organic Chemistry - Tutorial

Functional Group - Call Me Crazy  Song

LIST of Organic Functional groups (a few we did not cover)

On-Line Functional group Quiz

Hydrocarbons and derivatives

KHAN academy Functional group lecture

What is a hydrocarbon PPT

Alkanes nomeclature PPT

Alkenes and Alkynes nomenclature PPT

Cycloalkanes nomeclature PPT


Aldehydes and ketone PPT

Esters PPT

Ether PPT

What is a hydrocarbon Everyday polymers
Organic names - nomenclature Hydrocarbons in fossil fuels
Aldehydes and ketones - carbonyls  
Saponification Soap Lab
Structural formulas of substances Rules for nomenclature


Equipment Basic lab equipment - video

Midterm and Final Review

Mark Rosengarten Videos ALL TOPICS Accelerated videos - Rosengarten music video
Scientific Method - Rosengarten Music Video Big Sig Fig Gig - Rosengarten music video
Where the heck to round - Rosengarten music video PT elemental properties - Rosengarten music video
Atomos Atomos - Rosengarten music video I Heart electron configuration - Rosengarten music video
What kind of bonds are these - Rosengarten MUSIC Video Hydrogen Bonds - Rosengarten music video
Stoichiometry Rules - Rosengarten Video Endo Exo What's the Difference - Rosengarten music video
For Those of you about to dissoulve, we solute you - Rosengarten music video Heating Curve - Rosengarten music video
Don't Break the Law - Rosengarten music video Rock me Avagadro Gas Laws - Rosengarten music video
You start at the anode - Rosengarten music video  
Organic reactions - Rosengarten Music video Organic nomeclature - Rosengarten video
On half life to live - Rosengarten music video Natural Decay - Rosengarten music video

Teacher and Student Resource

DEMOS - Elmhurst college site Chemists biographies
HISTORY of chemistry by topic LABS
How to make a lava lamp Chemistry Encyclopedia
How to make Slime How to make invisible ink
NEW ELEMENT DISCOVERED VIDEO Rubidium water - Periodicity
Thermite reactions video Classifications of reactions - VIDEO + Song
More periodicity and reaction video Lab ideas from
How to make aspirin Chem POWER POINTS - Dr. Michael Murphy
Sugar content in beverages - Lab by FLINN - video and other resources - animated and interactive activities - supplies (PWISTA Math of Chem) - supplies (PWISTA Math of chem)